I volunteer to create a virtual One/Harmony City @ The Sandbox ... Thoughts?

Hi Everyone! I’ve been watching and testing Harmony mainnet performance for months now and I’ve been a delegator for sometime too. I joined this community discussion to raise an idea that might appeal to everyone. Virtual Lands and NFTs have been gaining ground recently – titles like the Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Decentraland are trending titles you might be hearing in the ETH-NFT space.

I’ve been a sandbox investor/supporter and when I saw the potential of Harmony (Building Bridges and Cross Chains, low transaction fees), I would like to support and contribute something to this community by making virtual content in my very own NFT asset.

If the harmonauts team would allow me to do so, I will place the Harmony Logo on the Sandbox Metaverse map – Beside the property of Animoca Brands, Blockchain Game Alliance and WhaleShark – these are well known players in the NFT space. This will allow publicity and unlock possible use cases of everything Harmony.

Currently, Maker DAO and Binance already has their own space in the Metaverse.
Maker is building a DAI City…

I’m thinking of building Harmony — a ONE City! Community thoughts are very welcome! Looking forward to support this community that builds bridges across blockchains and global communities …


Yes! I have some land also, as does Harmony!

I think that it would be an outstanding idea, and will offer up my 3 1x1’s to complement the idea!

I’m not exactly sure how their teleportation system will work, but if we, as a Harmony Community use our Lands together, I think we could likely provide some real value!

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Great idea!! Full support from me :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking initiative!


Hi everyone! Just uploaded the Harmony Logo for Everyone’s Visibility


You can see it here : https://www.sandbox.game/en/map/?x=0&y=48

I’ll do some storyboards soon, showcasing a harmony bridge scenario.


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