Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: Alexandra

Hello Harmony Family!

My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Governor of Incubator DAO here at Harmony.

I was first introduced to Harmony while at MCON in Denver, where I was impressed with the team’s energy but more importantly their commitment to building a culture based on qualities like empathy, transparency, and curiosity.

I wasn’t sure how I could get involved directly until I heard LeRae talk about her experience with the platform at the most recent Meta Gamma Delta meeting. Her excitement for the Incubator DAO was infectious. It seems like such a wonderful space to learn, teach, and ultimately grow from one another, and I hope I have the opportunity to join.

I’ve read through the other candidacies and am seriously impressed with their depth and breadth of knowledge. After learning more about the Incubator DAO, though, I realized that I’m in a unique position to assist with its goals and mandates, which are to grow:

  1. Traction: Mentor and guide on formulating value-proposition and executing growth strategies

  2. Connections: Identify and connect with relevant talent/partnership/investor nodes within the Incubator Dao network

  3. Treasury: Guide best practices in fundraising. Introduce projects to a network of investors.

Let’s unpack that
I think one of the exciting – if challenging – parts of the DAO landscape is that this nascent, quickly evolving space is, by design, decentralized.

But when there’s no centralized directory or organization… how do you connect with the right talent, partners, potential mentees, and investors?

First, you have to find them. And then, you need to cement the relationship.

That’s primarily what I bring to the table:

I know how to find – and connect – the right people at the right time.

I’ve built my career developing communities of deeply-engaged subject matter experts, executives, customers, investors, academics, and partners globally.

And I’m confident I can leverage that experience to help Incubator DAO’s network deepen – by building relationships with the best and most innovative talent/ partnership/ investor nodes and, overall, expanding the Incubator DAO’s footprint with the right people. I’m also confident that I can train and mentor others who are building these skills.

My background
I’ve spent the last six years at the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise where I managed the Corporate Client Solutions team for EMEA. Our job was to find the right experts to help our clients: key decision makers at innovation, strategy, and in-house incubation teams at Fortune 500 companies.

And we’d often do it within hours.


We struck a balance between cultivating relationships with our core “bench” (roughly 750,000 executives, investors, scientists, academics, public-sector leaders, and key opinion leaders) vs. identifying then recruiting new subject matter experts with bleeding-edge experience.

Accordingly, I spent a lot of time training my associates to find needles in haystacks and refining our screening/onboarding playbook for clients, partners, and experts alike. I also shaped our staffing strategy and worked closely with our partners to ensure we were hiring diverse perspectives (across all genders, socio-economic and educational backgrounds, cultures, languages) for both full-time and consulting / expert-level roles… and giving them access to great mentors who could help accelerate their growth.

I also have extensive experience in driving user adoption and engagement – I recently redesigned the new-user onboarding program for my division. I can use these lessons learned to help the DAO efficiently onboard important stakeholders and participants… and keep them informed, engaged, and excited about new developments.


My expertise is uniquely helpful for the DAO’s needs, especially when it comes to identifying, connecting, and cementing relationships with key stakeholders across important talent/mentor/partnership/investor nodes.

And I’m really, really excited about the opportunity to work with great people who are united in growing such an exciting organization.

All the best,

Last but not least…
A Shameless Plug

My newest project (launched last week!) is focused on democratizing access to Web 3.0 by giving non-technical people the tools and the confidence to contribute to growth in the space… and experience the freedom that DAOs represent.

I’m looking for guest writers who would be open to contributing think pieces about recent developments in the blockchain.

Idiot’s Guide to Blockchain - Your 101 for Web 3.0

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Hey @manther good stuff including some corporate experience and connections! Could you add links to social profiles?

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Thanks edbong! I’m hopeful my background would be a nice complement to the others on the team.

Social Profiles
Twitter - @ TheManther
Telegram - The Manther

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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