Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: Tim Delhaes

Hello everyone…. I’m officially announcing my candidacy to run as governor in the Incubator DAO (or at least offer my help in any way I can :))

I can systematically mentor and support founders to

  1. develop the skills to bootstrap ideas to sustainable ventures.
  2. source, vet and manage cross-functional, distributed teams
  3. develope pitches that get funded

I want to participate in the Incubator DAO because

  1. I am passionate about helping founders succeed
  2. together we bring skills to the table that can make a meaningful difference
  3. my intellectual curiosity can never be satisfied.

I have been surfing the globe since I can stand on my feet/a board. I have been deeply fascinated with all things web since C64. I built my first start-up in 1997 and got acquired just before the Nasdaq hit 5k in 2000. Since then I have raised funding several times, built two tech companies that are still around, got screwed, screwed myself, started over. And over. We just got our second grant from Harmony and finished second in the Terra-hackathon-track.

In my free time (I never had!) I started and ran Founder Institute Chile as one of the first ten (or so) countries with help from Adeo Ressi, facilitated over a dozen Start-Up Weekends, was an early facilitator Startup Chile, a close partner for many years to Endeavor and hosted - no joking ! - several hundred startup events in the Americas. I have worked hands-on with dozens and dozens of founding teams on their business plans, pitches and heart/mind breaking problems.

Over the last ten years we transformed an accidental startup into a distributed team of a hundred people and six different companies called InboundLabs, a Diamond Tier HubSpot partner. The group has served over five hundred customers including Harmony with web and app development services. One of our biggest customers is HubSpot itself where we recently launched a marketplace.

While gaining some early BC exposure I thought of blockchain mostly as BS. However, in 2017 I shallow-dived into Solidity. Shallow as in I had not actually coded myself since high school. The result has been an addiction that led through many turns to my candidacy today. What I still lack in blockchain experience is compensated by my profound belief in the need for a more decentralized future.

I’m currently on an overland trip (with my wife and two kids where I decided to start on a film we will finance via NFTs) through Africa with the goal to hopefully see one of my favorite blockchain projects in real life action in Kenya: GrassRoot Economics.

More profile data?

Get in touch?

  • Telegram: edbong

@Sam @Jovian @DeFiComrade @LERAE @sasamilic @BridgetTBP @Nierfiti let me know if I can answer any further questions :slight_smile:


Love your story. Your insatiable curiosity, fearlessness & industriousness are all quite palpable.

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Thanks @Jovian. Looking forward to helping other build meaningful projects and making an impact.

I also took a few minutes to formulate some more specific ideas