Canidate - Liquidity DAO Operator: Dylan Kawalec, 1st Term

This is my official Submission for Governance for the Liquidity DAO.

I’d like to start off by quickly iterating my plans for LiquidityDAO, and then share a bit of context.

  • Create new Channels that will foster the Hummingbot within the Bridge Builders DAO, offering new community incentives to join both Harmony and the BBD.

  • Create Lesson plans about Automatic Market Makers, and Automated markets in general; how they benefit Defi economy’s to scale. It’s important that the public understands what these new technologies are capable of doing in order to onboard a dozen or more users of the Hummingbot.

I do not want to overpromise and under deliver. After my experience while working with the Harmony Developer DAO, I realized that all operators need to set realistic goals for themselves. I’m ready to develop new and efficient DAO operations that will help Onboard more users while creating materials to help the general public understand how to best use the tools we as a DAO can offer.

What can you expect from me?
Working 4 consecutive terms for the Developer DAO while organizing the Bridge Builders DAO, I’ve grown accustomed to working with DAO’s. A fresh set of eyes is always needed, and I enjoy working with new peers who have a common goal. I can deliver quickly, and you can expect that I will follow through as soon as I’m available. I care about growing our network, and seeing just how far we all can go.

I want to join the Liquidity DAO because I think it’s interesting and has a lot of room to grow.
Someone asked that I join; I considered it and felt like it was an awesome idea!
I think DAO’s are as strong as the applications that Build them – the Hummingbot is a spectacular tool that many can enjoy using.

After returning from ETH Denver, I made an important connection with the team at ParaSwap, and if I would like to do 1 major thing, it would be to establish a way to launch HummingBots on their network.

That’s not a promise, so I’ll stick with what’s realistic. However, I am excited to know how much potential is awaiting for DAO’s like this.

What I can do
I can deliver new engaging video tutorials, fresh community participation from the BBD and technical documentation to walk users through the Liquidity DAO experience.

if you do consider me to be an operator for the liquidity DAO, I would serve this community in way’s I’ve mentioned above for my first term. I loved every minute being apart of the Developer DAO, and I feel like it’s time I move forward and deliver a fresh ideas to projects I also respect

I appreciate your time and consideration & thank you for your vote.

Dylan Kawalec

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