CDAO Governor- Announcement of stepping down

I wanted to announce that I am stepping down as CDAO governor for this term.
The community deserves a reason for my step down and it basically stems from the consistent bad management by Li and Stephen. I feel these two do not deserve the community that they have.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the remaining CDAO governors and know that they will do the best they can with what they have to work it.

My emails have turned to crickets…
The teams actions on helping and assisting the community has gotten worse and worse since January.

So how can I make my voice heard? By undelegating and putting my money where my mouth is.
That is the only action I can take.

I am so drained of fighting and complaining about the same topics over and over again.

Life is too short! Stephen and Li DO NOT deserve my money and attention.

In closing, I would ask @giv @Sam @Jacksteroo @rongjian to make a stand for the community and do what is right.

By standing by and continuing to work for Stephen and Li, you are basically approving of what is going on while your community gets bulldozed.

Is it worth it staying quiet? Ask yourself. Can you find another job? If so, stand up for yourself, stand up for what is right and mostly stand up for your COMMUNITY.

Cheers everyone!


Well here’s a good one lost. sigh


Thanks for the nice comments bud!
Hang in there…

@stse @lij

You must be proud of yourselves to drive it this low.

Have some dignity and self respect , save the community and F off