Chilibangs Community Project & Marketplace - Project X (Danny Carranza)

Name of the Project
Chilibangs (based in Lisbon)

Application Type
NFT Creation, Minting & Launching

Proposal Overview

We are a community of like-minded people who aim to use NFT technology to:

  1. Invest in education by raising awareness about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT technologies;

  2. Create the opportunity for artists to display and sell their art at events organized by us and for small businesses to promote themselves at these events, in coordination with our project of promoting adoption of cryptocurrencies;

  3. Raise funds for different social causes (e.g., we are already producing and minting NFTs, as well as, organizing events to help the people of Ukraine);

  4. Give the user a better virtual experience, combining NFT art with AR technology for the purposes of education and entertainment – our founder is an ambassador for Hyperlens.

We already have a multicultural team of 30 people: 14 Artists, 8 Devs, 6 Strategists, 1 Storyteller, 5 Marketing & Community Managers and 6 copywriters, several NFTs to start minting and Harmony’s fast, reliable and cost-efficient ecosystem.

Our Milestones

In these first three months, for the purposes explained above, we will:

  • Start minting our collections of NFTs on our own marketplace within Harmony’s ecosystem;
  • Organize regular events to display and promote our NFTs, using AR technology and raising funds;
  • Organize workshops and conferences in different locations, targetting companies, schools and associations;
  • Form partnerships with local businesses to promote adoption of EVM-compatible tokens, incl. ONE;
  • Participate as speakers at the Non-Fungible Conference 2022 in Lisbon, promoting our NFT collections and the ecosystem;
  • Use AR and NFT technologies to support other activities and promote innovation.

How This Will Benefit The Blockchain Ecosystem

  1. Looking at the bigger picture, we would create more opportunities for the entire ecosystem (partnerships, human resources, among others); however, we would also like to offer special benefits to Harmony users attending our courses and workshops;

  2. We would also like to provide special benefits to Harmony members to attend our events and promote their ecosystem;

  3. We believe our project and Harmony’s project have the same values of empathy, passion and commitment and we think, for that reason, Harmony shares our view when it comes to creating new opportunities for others in need;

  4. We would contribute to the increase of the number of users of ONE’s token, among other EVM-compatible cryptocurrencies;

  5. We would allow Harmony users to learn and have fun with innovative technology.

Proposal Ask

Metrics for Success

15K users and 150K transactions

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Social Media & Website:
Website under construction

The Block Lisboa

A special thanks to Danny Carranza from Project X and Cristiano from Harmony Portugal DAO for being interested in our project and connecting with us.


Love it! Approved for 20K by Danny as part of Project X.


thank you so much for your trust and for offering us an opportunity to do something new, different and Spicy :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper: we will do our best and make sense each we feel we have been gratified. Let’s work and create this Spicy Universe. #web4ever​:globe_with_meridians::heart::hot_pepper::link:


funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


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