CLIQKI TOKENS: Scaling the heart of Africa's fastest growing Influencer Marketing Platform

Hello Team

Taking a shot in the dark!

My name is Dayo , and i have been a member of the harmony one community for about two years. For the most part l have been a keen observer of how harmony one has been evolving, and the different pivots the team has made in deepening and and widening the network's reach. Enough of me. Long story short, i recently joined a group of individuals to create a startup called CLIQKI ( and here is our story from 2021 till date, along with our proposition. 

**Project/Company/Platform name**

**Understanding what we do**

**Proposal Overview**

The idea behind CLIQKI was born out of a personal problem we had trying to promote a financial services brand and Crypto content on social media. We realized that Facebook /Instagram make millions of dollars in ad revenues from brands/companies and share only a small portion with influencers / users on their platforms.

It was at this point that the passion to democratize advertising was born along with our business model, which would allow us to do the reverse of what the mainstream social media platforms currently do, which is to take a small commission and make most of the ad revenue available to the community of users.

CLIQKI is currently registered as a Delaware C corp with offices in the United States and Lagos. Our plan is to establish our proof of Concept in Nigeria, before expanding to other locations in Africa (Kenya, Ghana and South Africa) and eventually the rest of the world. (Kind of like what Tik Tok did in China)

**Our Milestones at a glance**

* went live on April 18, 2021

* 13,000 registered users/influencers at the end of Q1, 2021

* Participation in the Antler accelerator program

* 85,000 registered users/influencers as at October and growing

* Signed up some of the biggest brands for ad content creation in our test market

**Proposal Ask**

 we need help!

Having demonstrated a core utility for tokens on the platform we have developed , we are looking for the following

1. Partner with a major block chain like harmony for the use of harmony ones for storing and transferring value within , as well as in and out of our ecosystem
2. Obtain the  engineering, project management and the funding help to achieve the above.
3. Funding to scale up our development to complete a backlog of features for the CLIQKI platform.
4. Optionally, an Investment that will allow us to introduce the harmony powered variant of the CLIQKI platform in our current operating market with its population of over 200 million people and to other countries with a similar profile. 

**Our team**

Our team  may be the first ever founded by a team of triplets  :blush: ""

1. Tomi Odufuye  CEO

2. Remi odufuye  CTO

3: Kumi Odufuye

4. Beniamino Bruno @+39 392 352 1793

5. Temidayo Fabayo

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