[CLOSED] Clarification of minimum for claiming rewards

Summary: This proposal is to add an explanation near the disabled “Claim Rewards” button if there’s less than 0.01 ONE pending in rewards.

Background: Many delegators become confused about why the “Claim Rewards” button is disabled even though their wallet is connected and they’ve been delegated to a validator for several epochs. It’s unclear to them that they cannot collect rewards until they’ve generated at least 0.01 ONE in rewards. I haven’t been a validator for too long, and I’ve already encountered this question at least a half-dozen times.

Motivation: The more clarity we have in the staking dashboard, the better. Users get confused and concerned when things don’t work as they expect. Adding clarification will give them more confidence to leave their ONE staked, and hopefully make them more comfortable staking in the future.

Specification: Update the staking dashboard to conditionally show a new message if the user has less than 0.01 ONE in pending rewards (i.e. the “Claim Rewards” button is disabled). Here’s an example of what this may look like:

  • Add clarification to the staking dashboard portfolio
  • Leave it alone

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It was very new for me. I didn’t knew that this could happen. I believe this must be highlighted. An explanation of why you can’t claim or what are the prerequisite to claim.


Clarification will be helpful :blue_heart:

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I this would improve the user experience, please add the clarification.

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I’m not sure about this Proposal, cause I can claim less then 1 ONE. Even on Blits I just tried and claimed 0.000095 ONE. I think this one is needed to just show the correct decimals. HIP-20 Adding Decimal To The Staking Dashboard


Yes, I too just claimed less than 1 ONE in rewards.



Do you have any info from where this issue is coming from? It seems like the staking dashboard does allow you to claim any amount at anytime.


@sophoah Can you elaborate on the min amount of ONE required to claim rewards.

It is less than 1 but > 0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe it is something smaller like 0.01?

It may also help us consider 2/3 decimals for HIP20

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Ahh that makes sense! I forget when/where I got the info of a 1 ONE minimum but that’s clearly wrong. I’ll update this proposal accordingly, but to be honest I’d love to just bundle this with some of the other staking dashboard improvement proposals.

It seems to be an issue for people who have delegated a fairly small amount. I’m thinking maybe the minimum is closer to 0.01 as Maffaz suggested. There definitely seems to be a minimum though - right after I claim rewards I’m unable to do so again until some hidden minimum is reached.

@Maffaz @RhythmValidator I wrote before I pressed claim with 0.000095 on Blits

Ah missed it… I just looked at the picture lol :open_mouth:

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Yeah this proposal is to clarify what the hidden minimum is for the staking portal. I don’t believe the protocol implements any sort of minimum for claiming rewards, so other applications will have their own rules for it.

Rewards are applied like every 120 seonds (Don’t quote me on that lol) and no doubt a refresh would be needed to update the rewards…

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Yeah I refreshed, but haven’t tried waiting 120 seconds.
Maybe the issue some of the delegators have encountered isn’t related to a minimum at all though - maybe they delegated during the same epoch and thought they’d already be getting rewards. There was at least 1 case where someone who delegated a little over the 100 minimum and had waited a couple of epochs wasn’t able to claim rewards, but maybe there was some other user error there.

Actual ER is 9.7% let’s asume a 5% comission so 9.2% Netto ER.
Staking 100ONE will return 9.2ONE per Year, so 0.025 per Day, 0.00105 per hour and so 0.000037 ONE per 64 Blocks.
The 0.000095 on Blits I mentioned above was shown me after 2:15min :slight_smile:

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Yeah if you are able to do the same thing with the staking dashboard then this clearly isn’t the actual issue and adding decimal places as specified in the other proposal will clear everything up. Could you try importing that same wallet to the chrome extension and see if it works the same way in the staking dashboard?

That will help me verify that the issue has been user error in the past. Blits and the staking dashboard have their own different sets of rules around staking (e.g. you can’t redelegate in Blits until 7 epochs after undelegation even though that’s not a protocol limitation).

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so I am not sure on the reason but one of them I can think of is to avoid spamming the network trying to collect smaller rewards more often.

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Makes sense. I’m cool cancelling this if you guys think the added decimals from the other proposal are sufficient to clear up confusion. I kinda feel like that’s the case as well, but on my comment on the other proposal it was suggested to make a proposal for this so I kinda haphazardly threw it together. Is the proper way of closing this deleting the thread?

P.S. I still think we should try to combine these staking portal enhancements into a common proposal since there are lots of great ideas for things that would be easy to improve. Seems like a waste of time/effort to make full proposals for each thing.

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I think we are happy it is not an issue and indeed, the decimals will give more transparency for smaller delegates…