Closed: The Community Managers Funding Proposal has been resolved

Yes! Well deserved for all the daily work. Let’s get it done!


As I mentioned, this is exciting stuff!

Harmony’s Telegram moderators should be compensated for the work they put towards the community. This is exciting stuff. There’s a lot of assistance provided there to many members of the Telegram room and that work deserves to be rewarded. I think this proposal is a step in the right direction.

Some thoughts for due diligence:

There’s some additional details I think could be included in the proposal, as Li and Tobaboba mentioned above.

  • How do other successful chains, such as Polkadot or Cardano, compensate their moderators or ambassadors and does that align with our moderators? How does this compare to our proposal?

  • If we’re looking for C-OPS to take on more of a support desk role, then I think we should consider developing and following some service desk / ITIL standards. SLAs should can drawn out. The team should draw lines between what is support and unsupported. Having this documented can help a support team manage their work load and prevent a perpetual build up of obligations and help draw a clear line of responsibility.

  • What’s the breakdown of the $50,000? All towards members, some towards the expenses of initiatives, a combo? Related to that data and a comparison to other chains, is $50,000 enough? Too little or too much? If we’re looking to transition issues to an incident management system, are we budgeting for that expense in $50,000? If support efforts are expanding to other channels, do we need to account for any tools or utilities to make best use of those platforms?

  • I suggest writing a role description and list of responsibilities. This gives everyone on-boarded as a moderator a baseline understanding of what’s expected in order to be compensated, and what is expected of them on a day-to-day basis.

Some questions for long-term development of Telegram operations:

  • What are the daily and hourly traffic statistics for the Telegram room? Based on that data, do community members require 24/7/365? Perhaps this is done to excel above other Telegram chats - if so then that’s great and makes sense. If not, and 24/7 support isn’t by necessity, then see below:

  • The community chat appears light between 2AM and 6AM Eastern on quick glance. Have we considered “open support hours” where a live support person is available, and rely on a bot/pins for remaining hours when support is on break?

To what @Tobaboba mentioned above, this proposal does not include Reddit moderators from what I can tell. Reddit mods are not compensated, which led to the “stake to support your moderator” auto-mod which can always be modified or removed entirely.

The Ambassador Program is something we are working on completing and includes a proposal for funding moderators as Harmony ambassadors. I’m not sure where the Ambassador Program fits in here but that is a good question for @Sam.

For transparency, @Tobaboba is a moderator for r/Harmony_Markets and assists on the r/Harmony_One subreddit quite frequently.

I think this is a step in the right direction and the Telegram moderators are long overdue for being compensated. Perhaps some more details need to be fleshed out and shared, but I’m excited for this proposal and the promise it holds!

Anyway… just some food for thought in hopes of helping you guys iron out the details and make the most of this effort! Cheers!


Absolutely and great arguments from both sides

The truth is - Reddit is the only place that we haven’t touched as the C-OPS team and largely that’s testament to the fact that it’s run well

After all the Reddit page is a community run page and is not run by Harmony

The telegram channel is an official channel of harmony and is also a verified channel.

Therefore it’s a verified trusted place to conduct support efforts for the users at this time especially where trust and user safety is a paramount concern

It’s a place where they can talk to trusted people in the admins that form the C-OPS Team

Where they can be safe in the knowledge that the C-OPS Team is vetted and managed by a Harmony Core Team Member and someone who has been with the community as a whole since day ONE

We are in no way against including the Reddit mods under the banner of C-OPS

But as you’ll appreciate the budget would also need to increase somewhat - as it stands the current fund would be a mix of salary and funds for incentives and engagement and I am largely unsure it would cover very much at all further than the current members and a few giveaways

Let’s keep the conversations going :slight_smile:


I understand where you are coming from and would like to respond.

"Others do work for the exposure in order to earn compensation indirectly through other means."
Speaking for myself, I do not work and assist the community solely to earn indirect compensation. I have been in the community assisting members well before I started being a validator; and continue that effort on all platforms regardless of personal benefit or not. I believe my character isn’t in question in that area.

"Read any reddit thread about staking on and the posters will recommend the reddit mod validators."
Completely out of our control what members post; that being said there are more validators chipping in helping people now which is outstanding.

I disagree with the reduction of profits earned. Here is why. This is a decentralized blockchain and the issue at hand is discussing the support falling underneath a DAO. To participate and provide a service in/for the DAO simply means you do the work to standard, account for time invested and file your info for compensation. What each member does additionally, on the side, etc has no bearing on what work is expected out of them concerning their DAO responsibilities. Are we going to go down the path on a decentralized blockchain of dictating who can and can’t participate in DAOs with compensation? That goes against everything it stands for in my opinion. If we go down that path we must therefore logically say nobody who is involved with a validator, dev, etc can be allowed to participate in/with a DAO and be compensated…something I don’t believe anyone will agree with leveraging requirements on who can or can’t participate in DAO spaces.


2 of the 4 Reddit mods were included in C-Ops. Correct statement. Two of them however, were not. I absolutely did ask that for myself out of matter of principle. I stand by my decision and always available to discuss it.

We also are not pidgeon-holed into Reddit only. We have a large handprint on Twitter as well. I think it’s key to point out both support teams are engaged out of their main platforms.

Yes the users go to Telegram for instant support help: completely agree. And I’d offer that we get the same type questions on Reddit that are easily found in the sub with solutions provided.

The reality is that people go to the social media platform they are most comfortable with and trust. Reddit and Telegram support serve these members in a different way due to organic design but with the same goal in mind - to take care of our Community members.

I’m excited to hear about a potential centrally-located support function that all members no matter what platform they are on can be pointed to. The stress that would relieve would be amazing haha. One location, same answers for troubleshooting issues; sounds like a win to me!


Intro: is a Harmony community moderator fully dedicated to support community who believes in Harmony core mission to bring open consensus to 10B people. For any queries: tag kratos_harmony directly @ Harmony official community Telegram group @ Telegram: Contact @harmony_one


While researching on many blockchain projects, we are deeply inspired by Harmony’s culture, passion, values and core mission from article @

The Harmony Q3 off-site: The 80 year story video Harmony Q3 Off-Site: the 80 year story - YouTube has really inspired & motivated us to start a harmony validator on July 2020 and been serving the Harmony community with heart and soul since then. Kratos is here for another 80 years

Community Contributions:

Kratos is the few of the ONE who hit record no. of delegations i.e 300M+ ONE due to the love and support from the delegates. We quickly realized how could we better assist emerging validators and then worked with major validators (100M+) to up the flat commission fee to 5% so to onboard the potential validators (elected) to get evenly delegation and this has really worked. The validators count growth has been phenomenal! Earlier we were < 60 and with the global initiative we hit a record number of 100+ validators in a short period of time. This has been widely appreciated.

Have been also helping onboard / bootstrap many validators through technical training, knowledge sharing and through campaigns. Had sleepless nights.

We believe on inclusiveness and bootstrapping as many validators is a key step to decentralization.
You may find some ideas and thoughts at here

We are a also a proud member of community giveaways:

  1. The social impact campaign (6 weeks) through community 1000 ONE GIVEAWAY happened during March / April 2021 gathered about 0.5M impressions.
    The engagement has been very successful. Led by @Crypto_InvestNL Twitter:

  2. Community Support: 950 ONE
    TX: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

  3. Contribution of 20,000 ONE for Harmonious community event
    TX: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

  4. Community Support: 5000 ONE
    TX: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


I am really appreciating the conversation that this proposal has sparked. This is how things are done in an open, decentralized project. This is DAO at work!

I am lurking and reading all of your comments. I applaud the degree of professionalism that this discourse has and I look forward to pulling the common threads together to offer the best community support in the industry!

Thank you all!


Agree to disagree, if you would like to directly address this with me feel free to contact me directly. I’m a pretty approachable fellow. I’m sticking with the intent of the thread and respecting the wishes of the OP.

I was hoping to convey a few concerns with my original response. But that aside, as I mentioned earlier, I think the Telegram admins most definitely should get compensated. There are great questions asked above and perhaps some things need more detail such as responsibilities and the breakdown in compensation, but overall I’m 100% in favor of this proposal and hope the Telegram mods receive funding that is fair and incentivizing.

I support! In the meantime do you guys have the tip bot on TG. I’m pretty sure the community would rally to raise some funds for you guys in the meantime.

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I support this post in full. With the recent discussions I also fully back the idea of getting other parties funded at the same time also. I was previously of the understanding that the Reddit guys we’re getting funding through other means which I recently learned this would take a lot of time. I think all parties giving full support to the community should be helped so they can dedicate time away from their usual lives. I think Reddit and Telegram are vital parts of our community whilst both being different in nature. Both have large communities that don’t necessarily cross over due to being different types of social network users.

Although I’m only one voice, I believe there should be two proposals on the table right now, as these are both different team both with their own complexities, I don’t think they should be under the same umbrella, but both dealt with the same matter of urgency.

Lots of these guys are handing out great support which I have benefitted from on both sides. I don’t know what our community would be like without either.

Hopefully this can be adjusted quickly and everyone can feel they have full support for the work they put in.


Great comments from everyone. I’m in favor of the C-Ops team encompassing all aspects of community support - Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Bridge support etc.

I think C-Ops members should be compensated in line with “ONE to Earn” "ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives

In terms of conflicts of interest - I would ask, who doesn’t actually have one? Almost everyone in this discussion is involved in a project or validator on Harmony. Who’s actually left to participate if they’re excluded?

Conflicts of interest are not inherently wrong - they just need to be disclosed and managed.


Hey @Nort_Black - you are making personal attacks. I would appreciate it if you didn’t.

Harmony is in the midst of decentralization and moving to a DAO structure. This proposal is part of it. ANYONE can participate in DAOs. Anyone can post a proposal (like this one) to be considered and voted on by the community.


100% this :point_up_2:

In a DAO there ARE no conflicts of interest. We all know that we have other sources of income. We all know that we have other projects. We all know that we are interested in more than one thing. I can be interested in Validators and participate in the Validator DAO while at the same time be a developer and participating in the Developer DAO while also being an angel investor so I want to participate in the Incubator DAO… I should not be excluded from these groups just because there seems to be a conflict.

From a legal sense - and these regulations are still being written - Wyoming’s DAO LLC law changes the nature of duty between participants in a DAO. Normal partnerships owe each other a “fiduciary duty” which means you SHOULD declare a conflict of interest. However, under the DAO LLC law - the members of the DAO owe each other the duty of “good faith and fair dealing” a much different standard that doesn’t include sharing conflicts.

Great post,!


Iv read the proposal and it’s clear as day to me. If you want good people to do fair and good work they need to be compensated. There’s obnoxious amounts of money hanging on the support this team offers and simple put without it that money and that growth will go elsewhere. Investing in this C-Ops is investing/supporting everyone of ourselves in here. The technological barriers are real and daily they are breaking them down. I attribute a lot of the growth socially to this team and their outlets. Vote Yes


Yes . Good move . community operations team going excellent work and they should be rewarded for it .


Lovely initiative! I fully support this. Our C-OPS team is amazing and very supportive! Keep up the good work Harmony :grin:

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The C-ops group is one of the first places new folks go to meet Harmony, the continuity and helpfulness people receive from the team is invaluable. One of the best large Telegram groups there is, they maintain order very well.
And set the tone appropriately for how the community was visioned to be.



I completely support this proposal.
Alex | OpenSwap


YES for me. Everything has been said. These people are essential and indispensable. The work they put in, hats off!


Hi everyone,

I’m agree with this proposal.
This members work hard for the community since months 7/7 and without count the hours👏.
So it’s normal to be paid.
For the amount (50k) only you can say if is enough or no.
@Cryptowolf and your team you have my full support for this proposal.