Community Call with Chain Stakeholders

In the interest of making prudent decision-making related to on-chain decision making & governance, I would specifically like to invite @lij & @stse for their 1st community meeting with key stakeholders such as members of developer DAO, Validator DAO & community partners for a video conference call, moderated by governors & core team members collectively - BEFORE the chain hard-fork proposal is put to action.

  • It is imperative that BOTH members be present on the call session that should approximately last 2 hours.

  • A failure to respond & non-agreement to setting up & participating in a community interaction would be construed as “intentional negligence & malice” towards the community & different stakeholders for effective resolution of the subject matter. The call will be a recorded session.

  • Agenda of this call should entail community circumstances leading upto the hack, details about the bridge incident, setting up an appropriate voting process to pass a governance proposal FIRST, measures taken to re-peg the bridge & clearing air around other non-disclosures.

Date & Time : TBD

@TrickLuhDaKidz @OgreAbroad1 @eddnorris - Requesting to tag all key stakeholders here who want to participate & facilitate in this discussion.


Please make it open to public (i.e., simply to listen in.) Thank you :pray:


There is no transparency about anything and you two expect us to vote .

Hodler and believers of project deserve the truth before paying for your mistakes.

You owe us a explanation and stop keeping silence.

Weeks of patience and all we got is printing like the fiat usd solution .


@eddnorris @Givp @Jacksteroo @ben2k_Stakeridoo @OgreAbroad1 - Just to reiterate on this. Community discussions with stakeholders need to done via omni-channel methods.

Having community interactions just in restricted Telegram groups don’t help if people cannot participate.


@White_Wolf Can we do this at 11AM US PST tomorrow (Friday, July 29th)?


That’s not the best way to organize a call. How about a little notice? We waited long enough for the shit proposal that was released. My patience is wearing thin.


i think that he did it real time and asap is good.

if its important everyone make time for it.

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I’ve tried to organize plenty of AMA’s with Validators in the past. Announcing in a post on talk forum with little notice and a couple telegram groups doesn’t work. If Harmony core team actually communicated with the VDAO, they’d know this. Instead they just want to sweep us under the rug. Along with other core DAO’s.
They could’ve just been upfront and said “stop wasting your time, we’re never going to talk to you.” Instead it was we’ll talk to you in a couple weeks, then nothing but crickets again.

Yes, I agree it needs to be asap but it needs to actually give us a chance to attend. It should’ve at LEAST been recorded so Validators can listen and give feedback.
Instead I only saw a list of some ideas with no names attached to them.


I agree that their response are very bad and literally /ignore the community

their communication from the start is bad - package as working heads down and riding the bull market with DFK.

Such worst communication ,yet able to got hacked .

Jack calling the meet up asap is undeniably timely, we cant wait hours or days anymore.

When @stse and @lij after weeks give us this printing Sheet solutiion.


@Jacksteroo why calling for a meeting and don’t allow people to enter and speak? I waited two time 10 minutes and was not allowed to enter your “public” meeting. Next time make a real public meeting not where you select who can show up and speak.


Yeah, me too… i figured i was not welcome

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Feels like. I always valued your knowledge and opinion :blue_heart:

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It’s just a misunderstanding. I am just a community member and I was in the meeting yesterday. Jack was answering every question and was writing notes. I am sure he didn’t pay attention that more people wanted to come. Probably it would have been better if he made the video call “public”. Please don’t take it personally or something like that. Jack is amazing :v:


Second that @Maddog77 - Let’s put it this way. He is really patient, smart & kind in his approach, and does know how to get the message across. Exactly the individual this project needs.

He only had one hour yesterday, but opening up the charter to all would have helped. Just to reiterate, this was the originally scheduled call session set up for validators & not a separate meeting. Yes, multiple community presented proposals were discussed as well, in addition to voting mechanism, and notes were taken.

Jack has also provided his email address to @Pioneer & other validators on the call to email him if there are any questions or suggestions.

I’m 100% sure that another event would be scheduled where amended version of proposals will be presented, the floor would be open to the community - A recorded session.

Twitter Spaces have usually operated as a quite loose discussion platform, therefore, it’s difficult to stick to an agenda as team members have limited time.


How did this event go?

list of ideas discussed @Matthew_Lopez