Community DAO Twitter Space 11/12 Recap


DAO deliverables, Engaging with the broader community, and more!

Hello to our fellow Harmony community!

The community DAO held the 5th official Twitter space to increase engagement and boost participation from the broader community. Listed below are a number of key highlights from the talk that spanned over 4 hours with 90 unique participants throughout.

This is outstanding growth but we need YOU ! Every ONE should feel encouraged to join in the conversation held on Twitter or on the official Harmony forum at .

The importance of this cannot be understated. The community DAO is your way to shape the future of our incredible community. As a Harmony ONE token holder, you have the ability to CREATE & VOTE on proposals that can be funded and implemented by the DAO.

Without further ado, listed below are the highlights from the call; in a format we can use to keep you up to date with all the latest conversations surrounding governance and community growth.

Notes taken by

Harmonious Dude - Kyle

  • Bricktop opened with a review and announcement of the ongoing HCIP proposal regarding KYC and age requirements for governor elections; the reasons behind it, pros and cons of both sides (particularly the cost of instituting true KYC measures and the effect on the DAO budget). Also stressed the importance of community participation in the vote. Strong Minds Hold (SMH) and Harmonious Dude also gave similar perspectives. Then Bricktop explained the multisig and how there must be 6 governors sign off on a transaction before it’s completed. Shawn (Wellness ONE) explained that in the works is an anonymous blockchain verification process that Harmony is working on that might be a preferable option to KYC once it’s released.

-Coinstalk then came on asking about the progress of the BTC bridge and whether the timing of it would have an affect on the ONE price during the upcoming bear market. Bricktop explained that whether the bride is released tomorrow or 3 months from now, the Harmony team has long term goals in mind and they arent worried about temporary price movement and that ultimately the BTC bridge will be huge for Harmony. Coinstalk then asked what Harmony is working on as far as marketing goes. Bricktop brought up the recent hire of Adrian Robinson and the video he just released that debuted in Times Square during the recent NFTNYC event and is now featured on and that it’s just the beginning of the work we can expect to see from him. Also, each DAO and community member shares responsibility for expanding the footprint of Harmony in our daily interactions with other communities.

-Edd Norris came on to provide a weekly dev update. He shared that the BTC bridge is technically live at, albeit in a limited capacity, but mentioned he has bridged some for only $7. He also expressed that the BTC bridge will make onboarding much simpler because of all of the avenues currently available to purchase BTC. Mainly, though, he said that the BTC bridge launch sets the tone for all of the other milestones coming for Harmony.

-Next, Kakashi came on and brought up the grants available and that it would be great to see something like POAPs available to reward participation and provide almost like a credit score or reputation score, but on the blockchain. He also reminded everyone of the strong support the HCIP proposal had received by way of poll on

-Biznustime then came on and said what he had proposed as governor was a soft KYC without public info, just a video meeting amongst governors to verify each other is who they say they are. He was worried about hypotheticals down the road where a group of people can work together to overtake the dao/multisig. Shawn then chimed in that the results of the elections can sometimes have negative consequences and that by being elected, any malicious actors would be acting as such by the will of the community, so there wouldn’t be anyway to hold them accountable even if funds were stolen. Biznus then said he was more driven by maturity concerns and that a council filled with minors could be detrimental to the vision of the DAO. It was then mentioned that age does not guarantee maturity and that a soft KYC ultimately wouldnt ensure anything. Shawn then suggested that some of this could be handled by conducting video or audio debates with candidates prior to the election. He suggested looking at what RAZE is doing to provide social credit scores.

-Next, Smirnoff came on and said he has been a Harmony holder for a long time and that he thought next year would be very big for Harmony and that he has a lot of trust in the project.

-Biznustime came back on and brought up the recent controversy surrounding DaVinci and mentioned a current governor, Bruno, by name and asked why he hasnt publicly spoken and what the current council plans to do about it. Bricktop then explained that Bruno has not spoken with any current DAO governors about it and that the CDAO is not associated with daVinci and can’t really get into speculation. He said that we have been given no reason to distrust Bruno in our dealings, but that if any incriminating, undeniable evidence came to light proving his guilt, then the governors would take it up for consideration. SMH advised caution in having the CDAO get into the practice of judging other projects and that the events surrounding daVinci are too fresh to be passing judgement. Edd came back on to offer that Bruno has been impressive in his dealings with the dev DAO and had no reason to distrust him. Chaotic Beauty also came on to say he’s been working with Bruno a long time and would be surprised if he did anything malicious. He also said that it’s great that people are looking out for one another, but that we should try to find solutions that don’t bring people down without proof. Brother ONE then came on and said that ultimately, if people do not want him on the DAO, then they should vote with their wallet.

-Edd came back on and asked about how to secure funding for community outreach programs like coffeshop meetups. Chaotic Beauty came on and suggested reaching out to himself or Elixer of Life to start their own event like their new crypto cafe events where they are using ‘Bridge Builders’ to connect devs to onboard new users. They are currently being planned for San Francisco, Los Angeles, and El Salvador. They are great for developing real connections. He generally builds a lesson plan around each event and has an in-house workshop. The main goal is to educate interested parties on blockchain in a Harmony-centric manner.

-After a brief request for suggestions of making the DAOs self sustainable, Bricktop turned the discussion to governor pay. He mentioned we have been using Clockify to track hours and tasks and that we will provide a pdf of timesheets for transparency. He also said that originally it was desired for the governors to each have their own specific roles, but that ultimately, we don’t want to be put into a box and be able to work wherever the need is present. We, as governors, do have tasks each of us are taking on as our own, but that we shouldnt be limited to just one area. Brother ONE then said that what works in the VDAO, is to provide availability and to regularly communicate. It was then explained that the current CDAO is still trying to provide a structure for future daos, which makes specific roles difficult at the moment. As our structures get set into place and more tooling becomes available, the roles of each governor should become more clear.

-Megalodon then came on to express worries of vote manipulation and asked how to control it. He suggested maybe a veto system where governors could block any proposals that were obviously manipulated. It was brought up that an elections oversight dao concept is being developed and that it will always be difficult to ensure vote integrity, but that it is being considered.

-Manumix came on and expressed frustration that there has not been a lot of follow up on previous topics and posts. Chaotic Beauty came on to say that we need to have chat logs posted and that ultimately, as elected officials, we need to make decisions and get the ball rolling on new initiatives. Megalodon came back on and encouraged all listeners to get up and talk. Edd Norris then came on and said that it may not be that nothing is happening, but that perhaps the communication needs to be better. He suggested utilizing coordinape and Aragorn and also that if governors come across something suggested in a forum, then they should leave a quick comment to let them know we are listening. Manumix seemed frustrated because suggestions seem to die without being addressed. Chaotic came on and asked ‘how do we organize the disorganized?” and suggested that building these daos, that is ultimately what we are trying to do. He suggested just taking bold steps and making decisions. If they dont work, then move on and try something else. Basically, he was saying that by acting, and trying things out, things will naturally begin to settle into a cohesive motion of how the dao will operate.

-Harmony Coin came on and said he would like to see info slides educating users about harmony, daos, and comparisons to other chains.

-JCR came on and suggested that if something comes up as a suggestion, a member of the dao should take responsibility of it and follow up. Then that governor needs to report progress back the following week.

-SMH then stressed that the DAO is listening but not all governors are available and we are doing what we can with our allowed time. Bricktop then said most importantly is that we need to find people to help. He then talked about the long process for approving funding requests and brought up the suggestion of having a discretionary budget at the dao’s control so that they can provide incentives to the community members that wish to participate and contribute. JCR suggested maybe offering community wide contests to create content where the winner gets a prize and their content will be used.

-Next the discussion turned to whether Twitter is really the best venue for these discussions. It was suggested that there be community led discussions where any ideas brought up can be brought to the DAO for action. There could be multiple venues throughout the week where the community gets together to discuss topics on their mind and offer suggestions to improve community engagement and the Twitter Space could be used as a bridge to all of those discussions. Crypto Arcade was mentioned as a possible wednesday night meetup spot for the community.

-Manumix then suggested offering a learn-to-earn program. Chaotic Beauty said it would have to be created and that anyone can propose a bounty on github for it to be created.

-SMH then suggested that at the next all dao call, we should come up with a plan to coordinate when something we are working on may require the attention of another dao.

-closing statements were made thanking people for coming and encouraging them to vote and to think of ways to participate.

These are just some of the amazing topics discussed throughout the space, and we would love input from the community on any (or all!) of the topics covered.

We will be continually posting updates for the spaces going forward in addition to content relating to many of the topics listed above.

Stay tuned, get involved and vote!

-The Harmony Community DAO