Community DAO Candidate Q4 Megalodon

Hello, my name is Megalodon. Well it clearly isn’t my real name but Megalodon and LordMegalodon are the names I go by in my Crypto / Web 3 journey.

I am here today to offer my Candidacy as Governor for the Harmony Community DAO.

I do not believe that everything is great right now with the Harmony, however, I am not here to address that. I am here to run as a Governor for the Community and that may be just as someone who signs the multi-sig and does what I can.

I have enjoyed being apart of the dao and i believe it has alot of potential for the future. I would like many things for the dao and one of those is for it to be a place for the community to: connect, share and vote :ballot_box: on things that are important to them in the dao.

“Are there obstacles you see in being able to commit up to 10 hours/week as a DAOgovernor?”

I should be able to commit to 10 hours. At the very least be a signortory on the multi-sig. I have been an active member of the dao for some time as some of you may know and have co-hosted a couple of twitter spaces and attend and participate in the Town Hall meetings.

“What skills and/or abilities do you hope to bring that would be beneficial to the Community DAO?”

I like to learn by asking questions and speaking to people and i think this can get the conversation started about the dao so that it can continue to not only survive but to grow.
I also like to have ideas and this would allow me to implement those ideas, subject to approval, easier.

“How long have you been in the Harmony community and why do you want to run for a position on the council?”

I have been in the Harmony Community for about 18 months now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for giving me consideration for this role.


:heart_on_fire: Holy moly!! I thought my eyes were deceiving me. You did it!!

I 100% support this!! Thanks for stepping up Megalodon :raised_hands: We got ourselves quite a team this quarter! :muscle:

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Thank you so much for submitting!!! You were definitely one of the reasons I submitted again. You’ve been such a big contributor and your advice and opinions were a huge help.

You have my support for sure


I support this candidacy for Megalodon


I support this candidacy for Megalodon, he definitely a strong candidacy for this role!!!

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I a million percent support Megalodon


thanks my issue has been fixed.

thanks for the awesome information.