Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: Benjamin Stakeridoo

Hej hej Harmony Family I’m Benjamin from Stakeridoo and with this post I announce my candidacy for a position on the Community DAO Council of Governors for the Q3 2022 term.

I am currently proudly serving as a governor on the council and have enjoyed it so far and hopefully I can continue.

1. Are there obstacles you see in being able to commit up to 10 hours/week as a DAO governor? This amount of time is not a requirement, but an inability to commit time by some members has been an obstacle for the current DAO council in progressing objectives.

I can definitely find 10 hours per week. So far, I have also been able to spend a lot of time, even if not all of it has been written down.

2. What skills and/or abilities do you hope to bring that would be beneficial to the Community DAO?

I am a very creative person and have gained various experiences in my life. Be it project management, accounting, writing contracts, social media management, audio editing, image editing, organising events, sponsor acquisition, and more recently Web3

3. How long have you been in the Harmony community and why do you want to run for a position on the council?

I have been around for a year now and started as a validator directly at that time.

Why? A good question you have to decide, but let’s talk about the things I had implemented so far:

  • Creating the accounting and payout system
  • Contribute to the DAO Charter
  • Partial automation of social media
  • Created basic structures like folders & documents like meeting agenda, feedback & contributor form, set up social media (Discord, Telegram, Reddit)
  • Exploring DAO tools like Aragon, Cordinape, Snapshot, DeWork, DoDao, Charmverse, Guild Guard and set up those
  • Created the monthly term reporting
  • Open up the DAO through tooling and thus reward supporter & contributor for their involvement and commitment.

What are your plans for the next Term?
I would like to focus on tooling and open the DAO more over bounties and a stable structure. I see there are awesome candidates around and I look forward to work with them and forward all available knowledge

4. What timezone do you live in for the purposes of potentially scheduling a 2nd AMA?

Central European Time CET

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ben2k_Stakeridoo
Medium: stakeridoo – Medium
Discord: ben2k_Stakeridoo#9671


Ben is easily the most hard-working individual I’ve come across. His attention to detail and ethic are amazing. An absolute gem to whichever team might have him!

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Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work with you Ben!
Good luck bud…

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I fully support your candidacy

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It goes without question that this man deserves a governor seat as long as he feels up to it. The work he puts in behind the scenes to help this machine run is inspiring. I’m grateful that he is willing to sacrifice his time and energy once again. I appreciate it and I’m sure the community that knows what you do appreciate it as well :clap:t2:

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I was starting to wonder :joy: Glad to see your candidacy, you have my support!


Reminder of the AMA taking place today on Twitter. You must be on mobile to speak on a twitter space. Also, there is a channel setup in our discord for you to introduce yourselves, campaign, and answer any questions. If you have not yet, we suggest joining our discord:

Please make a final check to see if you have fulfilled the candidacy requirements in the original eletion post: Community DAO Election for Term 4 Q3 2022

Has my full support. Ben did so much work in the background that was absolutely vital for the progress of the DAO.

We’re extremely lucky to have him involved with Harmony let alone the Community DAO.


Even though I haven’t gotten to work very closely with Ben, he’s been around to help the H1 community members (which includes but isn’t limited by our end users, project developers, & validators) for quite some time & from what I’ve seen he’s been been really passionate & diligent at it! You’re very knowledgeable & hard-working Ben - I’m positive you were, are, & will be a priceless asset not just for CDAO but also for the entire Harmony community.

ONE love mate!