Community DAO Council Candidate: Freya

Howdy! My name is Freya, and I’d absolutely love to be part of the Community DAO. Let’s just cut straight to the chase.

Who the heck am I?
I am the founder of Freyala ($XYA), a token on the Harmony blockchain that some of you may be familiar with. I have been quite an active figure in the Harmony space, having met a ton of different people that I now consider close friends. I speak five languages and am quite the freak when it comes to learning new things.

Why I am running for the Community DAO
Honestly, it’d be fantastic to be able to represent you all. I want to make sure that each and every one of you is heard. I’d like to think that I am an organized and passionate individual that can get things done. The Community DAO would be the perfect opportunity to just dive even deeper into the Harmony ecosystem, which I just can’t resist.

Harmony is just fantastic. Low fees, fast transaction speeds and a kickass community… What’s not to like? And as I quote my past self: “I could marry this coin”

What exactly do I bring to the table?
As a spirited Harmony enthusiast, I plan to represent the community and make sure we really branch out, as there is just so much untapped potential here. I would also love to help out with writing and any content creation in particular, having been a freelance writer previously.

I have quite a bit of experience with turning ideas into reality! I’ve worked on Freyala and Harmoonies, as well as acted as an advisor on BadProjects and other awesome stuff on Harmony.

I am active on a variety of social media platforms. If you ever have any questions or just want to have a chat, feel free to hit me up:

Discord: Freya#0001
Telegram: @missfreyala


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Freya is a great communicator and a visionary leader. I whole-heartedly support her for Community DAO


Best of luck for the election Freya


Thank you! Looking forward to it :eyes:


Hit it, miss Freya… its a yes from this introvert dude :blue_heart:

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Definitely YES - building a game world is a good start to rebuild the real one :+1:

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From what I have seen so far you would do a great job and help to strengthen the community further. You get my vote :+1:

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Hella voting for U💪🏻


Thank you to everyone who’s replied here so far! Really put a smile on my face.

I just want to say I love you all :heart:


Let’s cut straight to the chase! Below are some key ideas that I would like to push forward.

Get our groove on with regular community events.
I feel as though certain social media platforms for Harmony have so much untapped potential. I would like to focus on branching out to different communities (Harmony or not) and do some events together. Get some new faces in, encourage active participation and reward people whilst all having a good time. Let’s all live in Harmony baby (pun very much intended).

Create a go-to place for resources. Write guides on the website. Welcome newcomers.
I can’t stress this enough! Too many times have I seen ‘wen moon’ or ‘wen harmony $1’, but apart from those comments, I also notice people asking about bridging, how exactly to stake and more. I know all too well the struggle of figuring all this stuff out, having been a newcomer to Harmony before.

We need a place that people can refer to and get some straight-up answers. Period. Somewhere that people know they can use to answer all of their burning questions.

Introduce project spotlights and more awareness.
I’d love to try seeing if we could collaborate more with the Harmony team and get them involved with project spotlights! We would obviously need to sort out the logistics first, but I think having special content in the form of project spotlights (videos, articles etc.) would be absolutely amazing. We need to show off a little, y’know?

If anyone has questions at all, ask away.


$ONE of my votes :ballot_box: lie with you :blush: extremely supportive, as stated in my personal message, open minded and think we can have a broad vision of community from different generations.

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Finally a candidate that I can stand behind. Looking forward to seeing DAO expand in its ability to make a lasting positive impact on our community and ecosystem with your addition to the council.



I would also like to notify all those that didn’t know… Voting is now live! Let’s go :point_down:

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