Community DAO Council candidate: Kakashi

About me

Hello everyone, Im known as Krypto Kakashi but IRL Edgar Rivera is my name :slightly_smiling_face:, I’m a Latino in :us: I speak English and Spanish. I’m also a late bloomer as I’ve been in the Harmony community for 8 months, however within that time I’ve gained trust across the board and friendships with many great members.

Why I want to run

Running for governor is a natural position for me, I was born to lead, my birth date falls on a day of serious purpose among many pioneers in the world, I have the drive and the ability to solve problems as I’ve been through life richening experiences.

What I bring

What I plan to bring to the table is my communication and networking skills, as well as leadership qualities. I was a Sergeant in the United States Army at the age of 21 and led a twelve person team, I’ve learned at a young age to be responsible for others and to take their concerns in consideration.

Running for governor isn’t for the financial incentive, to me it’s to fulfill my gratitude towards this great community and all the amazing projects we have within our ecosystem, we shall all prosper in due time.

Thank you all for consideration and please consider all candidates equally :pray:t4: Stay blessed :innocent:


Thank you for your entry for candidacy Ser Kakashi, please edit the title for your candidacy as per instructions to show your entry name.

Best of luck for the election.


You have my vote for sure! Always see you being friendly and active in Harmony community discords and on Twitter!

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Glad to see you throw your hat in and would be happier to see elected as a governor!

Why does KryptoKakashi deserve your vote?
Two reasons for that;
-First is he has always been involved and helping out in the community communication channels. I’m new to the ecosystem and have directly or indirectly been a beneficiary of his helpful nature.
-Second because Kakashi!

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Wow did not expect this response thank you for the support and as well to @Failapotmaus and @Bricktop_One

You have my vote for sure. Thanks for all your help and guidance while I am trying to learn about Harmony. Goodluck for the election. :slight_smile:

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Grateful 🥲 to have be able to guide you and have your support :sparkles:

More about me for those who don’t know can be found here :arrow_down:

Twitter @Krypto_kakashi1
Discord @kryptokakashi#4664
Telegram @krypto_kakashi

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You Earned my vote buddy :muscle:t2: :heart:


Why you should vote for me

I have an open mind, come from a diverse background, and at heart I am a country man residing in the historic city of Philadelphia.

I am flexible, understanding of community needs and willing to propose change as rapid as time moves while maintaining quality control.

My focus for the campaign would be to diversify the culture of Harmony.

My goal is to spread Harmony One to different ethnic communities. We will onboard new members, educate them, engage with them, and all growth will be natural under my leadership :seedling:

Imagine the possibilities of migrating people from fiat banks earning .02% to 20% Universal Fixed Income through Anchor Protocol on 1Wallet!

With my background, I will reach out to Latinos and members of the minority communities that I am apart of. I spoke yesterday during the telegram AMA about the bridge to #Bitcoin and how Latin America has adopted it as legal tender. The bridge :bridge_at_night: is almost here to move bitcoin into Harmony mainnet!

There is a need to teach people the accessibility of Harmony, how efficient it is and how fast transactions are.

One thing to note :memo: ; I’m not a validator nor am I a developer.

I’m simply a Harmony Protocol maxi who will persistently push this product into orbit with proper direction from the community.

I love Harmony as Kakashi Hatake loves the Hidden leaf :leaves: village and I am ready to serve my time diligently. Thank you all for your time x consideration.


I support Kakashi’s run for DAO!


You have my vote, sir :+1: You deserve to be elected, totally


Thank you :pray:t4: everyone for the continued support you all have given me motivation to learn, grow and become the best version of myself.

I am eternally grateful to have people voting for a blue collar city dwelling millennial with the will to change things!

I would like everyone to know you have to utilize your vote and make 9 selections. Again review the field of quality candidates we have here All candidates

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