Community DAO Council Candidate: Colin (OG_Lemurman)

Hello Harmonauts! <3

My name is Colin; I am OG_Lemurman, the Reddit moderator. This took some consideration, and it is admittedly late, but I would like to nominate myself for the Community DAO. I have followed Harmony since shortly after their ICO on Binance Launchpad and have been an active community leader as the Reddit Moderator for almost two months now. I plan to always keep Harmony in my life; I would like to help make this goal easier to achieve for all people of this world.

I am a Sustainable Environmental Design Major at UC Davis with a niche focus on sustainable system analysis and creation. During the initial cries for marketing I organize an open forum for community generated marketing which turned into a series of initiatives to enact all recommendations, rather than a few. Through the alignment of these initiatives, I have helped align the core of Harmony with the community needs through the establishment of key community resources. This includes r/harmomy_devs (now declared the official harmony dev collaboration page), the github promotion to 1000, the new Harmony video series, and many more scheduled but are unable to be announced yet. I have spent many hours working behind the scenes to bring new opportunities to fruition and I am ready to keep doing so.

Since 13 years old, I have been developing a Carbon Negative Vertical Farm to turn growable natural food into a utility through sustainable business models. I plan to include Harmony Protocol in the production process and to bring about a new innovative concept to help decentralize retirement pensions by leveraging this process. Not only am I an investor, I am a future developer and I am a current activist for global sustainment through ethically, economically, and environmentally balance solutions.

There is an important voice among the collective conscious of the Harmony Community. This voice needs to be grown and empowered to act upon the collective call to action. The Community Dao is but the instrument for the community to amplify its harmonious thoughts. Without the community the instrument does not play. My desire to assist the Community DAO Council is to assure that the starting constitution protects/promotes the equity of the community in the creation of a transparent decentralized, yet united, DAO.

My concerns with the Community DAO include:
1. Assuring multiple active communication and notification lines are established publicly between the Community and the Council.
2. Maintaining a public schedule/timeline with other council members, including when dedicated “office hours” will be for each member.
3. All decisions by the council are permitted by voting from the community.
a. To work on establishing more secure voting abilities to secure equity among our community and provide a model for all other DAO projects (even outside Harmony).
4. Establish a proposal system for the Community to create projects that solve problems and provide a framework to track the success of these projects to create peer-reviewable papers to establish an ethos/credibility.
5. That the Council act as a cohesive team and a valuable resource to the Community for manifesting the united calls to action.
I personally love Harmony, yes for the carefully crafted technology and team, but the greatest thing I love is the community. I made a vow a child I would make the world a better place before I even think about starting a family; that dedication is still there. I see Harmony providing a pathway to accomplish this and right now my community is my family. I ask of you to give me your trust to establish the Community DAO Council to be a trusted and transparent member of the family.

Its all love,
Colin :blush:


Very glad you submitted!


Thank you for your time!

If you would like to learn more about sustainability theory and how it relates to DAO activities please click the link below :slightly_smiling_face:

Medium- Colin - Sustainability & the Harmony Community DAO


Also here is Post with my past achievements, future plans regardless of election status, and why I would pike join the initial council.