Community DAO Council Candidate: Zweg.ONE

Hi I’m Zweg, the otter lover. I also love Harmony ONE. I’m passionate about the community as I’ve come to make some good friends and realized my dream of working on projects as designer and achieving freedom from the regular job system in society.
In my spare time I play a lot of video games including NFT games and I am even designing my own, hopefully to be deployed right on our very own Harmony blockchain!
I live in Brazil where high paying jobs are scarce and the corrupt government tries to limit us, Harmony’s decentralize nature gives hope to those that would otherwise be stuck, and I want to be a part of helping spread that.
I’m a very social person and always willing to listen to issues and concerns if you approach me. I’m also very organized, with some experience with NFT gaming and design knowledge, I think I would be a great asset to the community DAO.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and the opporutinty to serve you.

If you want you can contact me on telegram: @zweger


Hey Zweg, Best of luck for the election :grinning:


Hey brick, thank you a lot :heart: I’ll try my best

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hey , Brazilian friend Portuguese here
Good luck!!

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hey bio pt :handshake: br :heart: good luck too!

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I look forward to working with you if we are both elected. I think you will be great for the DAO


Thanks for your support, it means a lot.

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Glad to see you put your name in, you will make an excellent council member brother!

Glad to see you running too, thanks for the support! Hopefully we can work together soon :heart:

Zweg rocks! You’ll make an excellent council member.

Zweg gets the vote, yeah!

Thanks CashCow and HarmonyUniverse, your support helps me a lot, I’ll meet your expectations :heart: