Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: Amartay1986

Thanks alot brother!

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I support ya @amartay1986.

The ability to have healthy skepticism / careful insight into finances is huge during times like these.

Appreciate that bud…
Get to feeling better!

Hey brother, in my opinion you have all the qualifications and experience necessary to be a Community DAO member. I believe having you will bring in radical changes to how the DAO operates, by bringing in more accountability and transparency to the operations. Go for it. We will support you.

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Appreciate that brother…
Let me know if you need any assistance when it comes to voting info.

Reminder of the AMA taking place today on Twitter. You must be on mobile to speak on a twitter space. Also, there is a channel setup in our discord for you to introduce yourselves, campaign, and answer any questions. If you have not yet we suggest joining our discord:

Please make a final check to see if you have fulfilled the candidacy requirements in the original eletion post: Community DAO Election for Term 4 Q3 2022