Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: Amartay1986

Hello everyone,
My name is Ashley and I am offering my candidacy for the upcoming Community DAO (Q3) term.
A lot of you will recognize me as Auguy1986 on reddit.

About myself:
I have been married to my beautiful wife for 8 years. We have two children and a Yorkshire terrier named Lily. In my spare time I like playing guitar and piano.

I have been a CPA now for almost 18 years. Started out in a big 4 firm in Atlanta, GA (KPMG) Worked my way up to Forensic Auditing manager where I overlooked 25 employees and audited several multi- billion dollar corporations.
As of now, I am a equity owner in a Top 30 Accounting firm located in Southeast United States.
Last year, I became an co-owner operator of a Taco Bell in the state of Florida. :slight_smile:

My first investment in Harmony came around the end of 2020 so I have almost been in the community for 2 years. I have met a tremendous amount of good people along the way. Some that has ideas and beliefs the same as myself and other that are quite opposite. Same ideas will make any company fail!

Regardless, we are here as a community to ensure our passion towards Harmony is always the same. I would love to work with people that has Harmony’s best interest in mind. I would appreciate the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the table while at the same time learning from others in the group.
I want everyone to know that I will be solely working for the ‘community’

What do I bring to the table?

  • 15+ years of auditing experience

  • Understanding how valuable marketing is (Taco Bell for example)

  • Passion and desire to lead and engage with EVERYONE!

  • Never afraid to ask the though questions and will never be afraid to answer the community’s tough questions

  • Accountable & Responsible for the work I bring to the table

  • Vast understanding of what it takes to be self sustainable as a business owner

I am located in CST in the U.S. so I am 6 hours behind UTC which will not be a problem.
10+ hours a week is not an issue as a lot of you know I put way more than 10 hours a week into the community without expecting a dime.

Lastly, I don’t have all the answers and I never will. Some of you will say that I have been critical of Harmony’s decision makings in the past 9 months and that is very true. I LOVE HARMONY!!
I want my children and your future families to have the opportunity to own ONE and be a part of the ecosystem.
Another great thing about this opportunity is I have had the pleasure to engage with some of the governors running this term. We all have different backgrounds and thought processes.

That is what it’s going to take to make this Community DAO successful!

Thank you all very much.



Nice!! Great to see you applied.

I fully endorse your candidacy!


Looks like you would be an asset to the community!!

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I think you’d be a great asset to the DAO, you have my support :blue_heart:

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Im not reading that i am aware of you. I support your candicy for c-dao governor @amartay1986


Been great chatting…
Looking forward to potentially working together!

Thank you very much for the support!

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Thank you for the support.
Check out all my comments and posts on the forum if not familiar.

I’ve watched @amartay1986 over the past year develop a love for the Harmony Community and to say it’s superficial would be an understatement. Over the last two years being a part of the Harmony Community myself, I’ve never seen a member ask more questions, turn over more rocks or participate in more discussions than Ashely.

Allowing Ashley to be a voice for the communities he has immersed himself, in would be a wonderful opportunity for Harmony Protocol to learn more about what is going on outside of their direct lines of communication.

Any opportunity there is for all of us to work as ONE and help push Harmony forward I am on board with.

I 100% endorse Ashley for a seat within the Community DAO.

Founder Harmonyville | WenLamboNFT


Appreciate the nice words Bourbin!

You had me at Taco Bell.

But seriously, great background and résumé!

@amartay1986 has been a great asset and speaker for the harmony protocol for as long as I known him. He joined the McOne community a while back and since been contributing information, opinions and shown he would be a great part to any team. I think he would be a good fit on the Community DAO and has got my vote.

Harmonyville and Harmony Validator

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I really appreciate & endorse your candidacy because I think that you bring valuable insights to the table.

Hopefully, Community DAO would start having fixed agenda meetings to create proper channels of feedback
for social, technical & operational issues, in addition to process improvements & proposals for the team, because the future challenges are bound to push a lot of us back to the drawing board.


Too bad we are about to take the Mexican pizzas off the board…
Appreciate your kind words!

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Appreciate that Matt!

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Thanks bud…
Appreciate that very much.

I am not tech savy by any means but my communication, goals and vision will ensure the team to stay on course with community expectations!

I’ve interacted with @amartay1986 since the start of the “DAO mess” and he has been a valuable ally with a great knowledge of legal and fiscal stuff. He is an experienced professional and would bring a lot of value to the DAO planning and execution.

I also heard is vegan.

Appreciate the vote of confidence brother!

Lol glad to hear that, it was fun to write it too. Best of luck for the election mate!

I support Ashley’s candidacy. I also had the pleasure to get to know Ashley through the Harmony community over the last year. Passion for Harmony, strong audit experience, entrepreneur instinct, Ashley will be a great asset to the Harmony Team!

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