Community DAO Council Q3 2022 Candidate: ILL_DIE_TRYING

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Community DAO.

My name is Jason (ILL_DIE_TRYING) and I am mostly running for the little guys. The entry level developers trying to solidify their knowledge and skills to build on the Harmony blockchain. I am also running to push for better organization and communications between the Harmony team and developers while they are working on grant projects.

You can see my experience with my own project here: PHP Class, API requests for scripting languages, and Harmony Node API Explorer

I have a few things I would plan to bring to light as a Governor, mostly focusing on the developer end of things:

  1. Lack of prompt communication with grant projects
  2. Lack of accountability for grantees
  3. Lack of maintaining the documentation which new developers count on being there and accurate
  4. Lack of entry level assistance for new and aspiring developers

Thank you for considering me!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

  1. Are there obstacles you see in being able to commit up to 10 hours/week as a DAO governor? This amount of time is not a requirement, but an inability to commit time by some members has been an obstacle for the current DAO council in progressing objectives.

No obstacles. I work for myself and have flexible hours.

  1. What skills and/or abilities do you hope to bring that would be beneficial to the Community DAO?

Although relatively new to the crypto world, I have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. Some of those years for companies including working on grant projects for a national non-profit for eight years. I have two IT related degrees (BS IT&D and AAS Networking). I have also recently completed a bounty for my project PHPH1. My goal is to help ensure the community has the tools and information it needs to work within the Harmony metaverse, namely interaction with the Harmony grant system and the Harmony Team. Mostly, my plan is to leverage whatever positive outcomes I can for developers to ensure they have access to complete and accurate documentation, responsive and helpful results when they need information, as well as produce better accountability for projects which have been funded by Harmony Grants. I think we have a lot of basic improvements that could be made to bring Harmony to the forefront of the list of blockchains developers would like to build on, especially new developers migrating to web3.

  1. How long have you been in the Harmony community and why do you want to run for a position on the council?

I have been in the Harmony community for just over a year now. I am running for this position due to the experience I have had with my recent bounty. Everything worked out in the end, but now I would like to try to make sure that my poor experience with the process never happens again. I experienced first hand multiple shortcomings in the grant process and plan to address them so future developers have a positive experience developing their Harmony apps. I also believe as a new developer just learning blockchain technology, I can relate to entry level developers and would like to push to expand Harmony’s community education plans to include an entry level education track for brand new web3 developers with minimal programming experience. ZK is great but you have to have some pretty serious experience to even qualify for it. We all started somewhere, and I feel welcoming entry level devs will help solidify the foundation of Harmony projects in the future. I believe developers are absolutely necessary to bring value to the blockchain and should be treated as such.

  1. What timezone do you live in for the purposes of potentially scheduling a 2nd AMA?

I live in Mountain Standard Time (MST) USA


Awesome! Rooting for you! Definitely need some representation for devs in the community

I support you running for governor let’s see what you can do!!

Would be glad to support you.
Sorry for the communication issues you ran into!

I can sure give it a shot!

You have my endorsement. Do we have more than 9 candidates running for governor now, or less?

Three months is pretty short but I hope to at least create recognition that there are a few things that should probably be addressed.

Thanks! I honestly haven’t got a clue as of now.

I believe we got somewhere between 11-13 total.

I don’t mind having to deal with it. It showed me there is a disconnect in this area and Harmony might be able to use my experience to help create a momentum for positive change. I’m not planning to go in with pitchforks or anything like that. Thanks!

Cool. Final snapshots would decide voting, right?

That is correct. I believe the votes will be held by snapshot between 6/20-6/27.
Do you know how to vote?

Would be great to have a dev on the team. You have my support and best of luck

Great to have a dev on the DAO! you have my support :blue_heart:

Reminder to our candidates of the AMA taking place today on Twitter. To speak you must be on mobile. Also, there is a channel setup in our discord for you to introduce yourselves, campaign, and answer any questions. If you have not yet, we suggest joining our discord:

Please make a final check to see if you have fulfilled the candidacy requirements in the original eletion post: Community DAO Election for Term 4 Q3 2022