CDAO Current Status

Dear Harmony One Community,

I am writing to give you an update on the current status of the Harmony One Community DAO. As some of you may know, the Community DAO has made several major accomplishments in the past, including staking 80% of the Treasury to smaller validators, producing two community broadcasts to inform the community on recovery and layer zero, and holding weekly Twitter spaces to promote Harmony-supported projects like 1wallet, cryptoarcade, defitowers, litprotocol and more! However, we have encountered some challenges along the way, including a lack of participation and difficulty integrating with DAO tools.

As of now, the most critical apps to use for the Community DAO are Discord and Twitter. We are no longer using Telegram. Dapps like Snapshot, Wonderverse, Dework, Charmverse, and the Harmony Gnosis Multisig are currently what we are using for DAO tools. In order to officially update the charter to make proposals, people must use Talk Forum to put proposals in along with a snapshot vote. This process is used for any proposals to do with the treasury or changing the charter. Smaller proposals can be done via Twitter and/or Discord poll.

For those who are interested in joining the Community DAO, here are the links to our various pages. If you would like to become a Governor, please request an election from Sheraj (@sherajr ) or James(@jcquinif ). Here are all of the important links to navigate the CDAO:

It’s worth noting that the Community DAO is currently in a holding pattern and needs someone to take the lead. There will be no elections until a candidate steps up to run and get the election process started. Currently, @sherajr and @jcquinif have access to DAO documents and accounts. If you want to spearhead the DAO, please let one of them know and we can start the election process.

If you’ve read this far, please add a like to this post to show your support for the Community DAO. We appreciate all the help we can get and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sheraj, on behalf of the Community DAO


Hang in there. I propose we hold a discussion monthly if we can have a HOST volunteer that would be great. As everything the governors have done for approximately ONE year has been volunteering work. :blue_heart: this is a great resource and i have a few ambitions, for the DAO and i love ONE. Again thanks for the heads up. And anyone reading this please feel free to reach out … discord, Twitter, telegram…

Thank you for the continued support for our beloved Harmony.