Community DAO Twitter Space 10/22 Recap

DAO deliverables, Engaging with the broader community, and more!

Hello to our fellow Harmony community!

The community DAO held the 2nd official Twitter space to increase engagement and boost participation from the broader community. Listed below are a number of key highlights from the talk that spanned over 3 hours with 100 unique participants throughout.

This is outstanding growth but we need YOU ! Every ONE should feel encouraged to join in the conversation held on Twitter or on the official Harmony forum at

The importance of this cannot be understated. The community DAO is your way to shape the future of our incredible community. As a Harmony ONE token holder, you have the ability to CREATE & VOTE on proposals that can be funded and implemented by the DAO.

Without further ado, listed below are the highlights from the call; in a format we can use to keep you up to date with all the latest conversations surrounding governance and community growth.

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Conversation Opening:
“Harmony’s Deliverables extra info. Just provide link and brief explanation of what else the link focusses on.””

  • Our space opened with a discussion regarding the deliverables of the DAOs. The link above dives into the broad details of what Harmony expectations are for each DAO.

Harmony Community DAO deliverables (Q4)

The conversation turned to covering the specific quarter goals set forth by Harmony in coordination with the Community DAO. These action items are listed below:

  1. Execute Community DAO Governance Structure.
  2. Produce a high-level of social engagement (retweets, shares, discussions) on Harmony activities during LisCon, NFT.NYC and DCentral.
  3. Each governor will deliver a thread “What Harmony Means to Me”, amplifying the values of our community.)

Suggestions and talking points from the Twitter Spaces

  • Talking to Universities and enrolling students into blockchain
  • Outreaching to different countries
  • More medium articles on the goings on of the Harmony Ecosystem, More Medium Articles for the DAO
  • Harmony Hub App not kept up to date, is it possible to get this being used more? Possibly one for the Developer DAO.
  • Talk.Harmony.One — Can this be updated so information is more easily accesible, to also show flow and processes of projects
  • Cross polination between communities, engaging with other communities without shill
  • Outreach to communities outside of social media
  • Local events for people across the world, the creation of local Discord groups for different localities.
  • The need for Mental Health assistance in the community
  • Ethnic DAOs outreaching to people of different ethnicities
  • Community possibly wants more information surrounding 1Wallet and 20% APY
  • Initiative for the creation of ‘Your Story’ thread for the community to share their stories
  • More information to shared surrounding events
  • More information on Harmony’s other DAOs and what they do
  • More education in the community surrounding the Community DAO and what it sets out to achieve.
  • Post needs to outline mandates and it should be suggested we want ideas surrounding these.
  • Growth : Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities
  • Engagement : Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products
  • Diversity : Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

These are just some of the amazing topics discussed throughout the space, and we would love input from the community on any (or all!) of the topics covered.

We will be continually posting updates for the spaces going forward in addition to content relating to many of the topics listed above.

Stay tuned, get involved and vote!

-The Harmony Community DAO


I hear the call to action for community members to participate but I am not sure how to. So here I am diving in.

I have experience serving on multiple non-profit boards, been an executive committee member for a local chamber of commerce, self-employed for 15 years owned LLCs, have a current S-corp, and have been in the music industry for over 20yrs touring, recording, teaching, etc. This has given me the luxury to listen and watch for many months now…

I can not wrap my head around what a DAO is and definitely cannot explain it to others.

A DAO is a Decentralized autonomous organization… cool! What exactly does it do?

Do DAOs have bylaws and if so where can they be viewed. Are their requirements if so what are they? How are DAOs taxed? Are they even taxed? Surely especially in the US, they would be. Are DAOs nonprofit or can a nonprofit be a DAO? What about liability insurance and incorporations? Do DAOs have liability insurance? If not why? What would prevent large token holders from manipulating DAO votes? These are just a small amount of questions I have.

I think education should be this community’s DOA’s first focus. I propose a video campaign to educate our community in a fun transparent and entertaining way to help answer these types of questions. I feel once the community knows how a DAO works we can then better participate and ask valuable questions that benefit the community at large.

I guess overall I am here to participate and start participating.

Hi Staump

My apologies for the extremely long delay in response, we have had some issues with not getting notifications for these posts as an email was being used that wasn’t actively being monitored.

Please see the below two images which might give you a rough idea regarding the Community DAO specifically.

Regarding your question what the DAO does, thats a good question, within reason if its generally relating to the mandates, anything that the community wants from the DAO.

Some interesting questions regarding legality of DAOs, i guess that would depend which country or state that you were in, honestly i’m not so much of an expert in this topic to be honest with you due to the answers being different depending on where you live i guess. The Community DAO uses Harmony’s native token for governance, a holder must hold 100 Harmony to vote, Governance is certainly a challenging thing to discuss sometimes as there are always ways to try to manipulate governance, this is one of blockchains current challenges, how to you enforce true governance with annonaminity? I believe this will be improved overtime with virtual identities or social vouching systems possibly.

It’s great that you would like to participate in the Harmony DAO ecosystem, i have noticed that you are currently following me on Twitter Staump, i will drop you an inbox message and give you some advice how you can get involed. There are many ways you can do this in Harmony’s DAO ecosystem.

Hopefully speak soon and again, i’m extremely sorry this took so long to respond to.

Kind regards

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