Community DAO Twitter Space 11/26 Recap

DAO deliverables, Engaging with the broader community, and more!

Hello to our fellow Harmony community!

The community DAO held the 8th official Twitter space to increase engagement and boost participation from the broader community. Listed below are a number of key highlights from the talk that spanned over 2 hours with 70 unique participants throughout.

This is outstanding growth but we need YOU ! Every ONE should feel encouraged to join in the conversation held on Twitter or on the official Harmony forum at .

The importance of this cannot be understated. The community DAO is your way to shape the future of our incredible community. As a Harmony ONE token holder, you have the ability to CREATE & VOTE on proposals that can be funded and implemented by the DAO.

Without further ado, listed below are the highlights from the call; in a format we can use to keep you up to date with all the latest conversations surrounding governance and community growth.

Notes taken by

Harmonious Dude - Kyle

-Bricktop began the spaces by reviewing the CDAO mandates, why they are important, and how the DAO tries to use them in its daily operations.

-Next, Bricktop highlighted the ongoing election and governance proposals. He started with HIP-2, a pending snapshot vote requesting a discretionary budget for the CDAO to have at its disposal each month to allow for quick payments to community contributors. The process to approve any payments can be slow, so the discretionary fund would facilitate quick work on smaller tasks.
Then, he discussed the current proposal to ratify the CDAO charter. Harmonious Dude spoke of the need for structure to be in place to help a smoother transition for future daos and to provide a reference point for governors to make sure processes are being followed. Also, the more structure that can be put into place will allow for future daos to avoid a longer period of adjustment to their roles and will allow for them to step into their roles with more confidence.
Lastly, Bricktop spoke about the ongoing Creative DAO elections. He stressed the need for larger turnout. @thenursegreg, a candidate, came on to discuss his views of what he hopes the CrDAO will become; a source for creative content to make onboarding new Harmony investors easier by simplifying content and giving it a clear, consistent message. Edd Norris and Rorshach came on to speak to their feelings about how the creative DAO should work to progress its message. Edd said it will be difficult because the key is to get people to understand what makes Harmony great while trying to combat the current hierarchy of chains in the industry. Rorshach said that the approach needs to be nuanced where we avoid looking as though we are spreading FUD about other chains. Greg then said that we need to keep in mind that the success of one chain is good for all (‘a rising tide lifts all boats’). Then Harmonious Dude backed that up by saying Harmony’s ethos is all about bridging and interoperability and that we don’t need to put other chains down, but rather highlight how Harmony is working to highlight ‘competing’ technologies and allow them all to work together.

-Then there was a brief discussion about how it’s so necessary for everyone to participate in DAOs and to share ideas. The CDAO is here to facilitate the needs and wants of the community. The importance of bringing new people into the space was discussed. Showing them how the space can benefit them in simple terms is important to take away the mystique of crypto to potential new users. Harmonious Dude then mentioned an idea to help with this. There has been a call from members of the community to host local meetups at coffee shops, comic book stores, etc. Harmonious Dude suggested that there could be the creation of a template for these meetups, so that anyone that hosts these events has a format to follow and info at their fingertips to show at these events. It would basically be a very fundamental explanation of what Harmony is, why it’s important, how you can get it, and how you can utilize the protocol.

-There was a suggestion that the CDAO needs a better presence on Reddit.

-Then there was a lengthy discussion about holding governors that are not fulfilling their duties accountable. There were many points made about the need to provide transparency and how the community deserves to know who is doing what. It was mentioned that the CDAO wishes to be transparent and post their hours, but that if the governors need to constantly justify their hours, it may reduce the efficiency of the DAO by using many hours to see such a process through. There were several speakers that reiterated the need for the community to be able to see that governors are utilizing their time efficiently or at all. There was a suggestion that there could be a peer review process where the governors provide opinions on the work of their fellow governors and how the could improve upon their performance.

-Bricktop then recapped the ongoing governance votes and proposals and urged everyone to participate.

-Edd Norris then provided updates on the past week’s developments on Harmony: the formation of the Africa DAO and UK DAO, the further decentralization of the RPCs, and the continuing progression of cross-chain NFTs.

These are just some of the amazing topics discussed throughout the space, and we would love input from the community on any (or all!) of the topics covered.

We will be continually posting updates for the spaces going forward in addition to content relating to many of the topics listed above.

Stay tuned, get involved and vote!

-The Harmony Community DAO