Community Proposal for Crazy.ONE Development

Proposal: Explore options to add use cases to domains

Address information

Referral Address: 0x45e93f46604F69BEC2bB52C83eB029380E6efef7

Explorer link: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

The Harmony foundation states that the revenue from the Crazy.One domain sales goes towards the Community DAO treasury, which we will soon submit a proposal to claim.

Overview of current state of domains Medium Link :

Current use cases

Currently, when a purchased domain is accessed you will simply see the owner’s last tweet if the community member’s twitter account has been attached to the domain upon purchasing.

Current pricing structure for 1 year rental of the Crazy.One domain.

Proposal for Increased Utility of Crazy.ONE Domains:

The Harmony Protocol Community DAO proposes that they lead the initiative to revive the Crazy.One domain project and develop this with further use cases. At the time of writing this, the Crazy.One domain funds which were promised to the Harmony Community DAO treasury has a current balance of 1,621,712 Harmony One Tokens.

The Community DAO proposes that we use some of these funds for further development of the domains to offer the owner customizable features and other use cases. Ultimately, the revenue generated from this project is intended to assist the Community DAO in becoming self-sufficient and sustainable beyond the use of the grant funds from the Harmony foundation.

After discussions with the community during twitter spaces and various talks we have received various suggestions on what these use cases and features could be, which you can find below.

Suggested Potential ideas for the domains

  • Being able to use your domain to showcase your NFT collections
  • Being able to link a marketplace listing to your NFTs in the gallery to advertise your sale
  • Being able to customize backgrounds with featured backgrounds from community artists for which you could pay a small fee to the artist to use
  • Custom buttons on your domain from artists or developers (such as links to websites and NFT domains, etc.)
  • Being able to customize your domain similar to myspace
  • Allowing users to add a link to a song they like which will place on entry to the domain
  • Being able to use your Crazy.One domain as a recipient to send ONE Tokens instead of a one1 address
  • Having an advertisement page where validators, devs and creative artists, etc. can tell their story and showcase what they have done for the blockchain and, potentially, offer their services for a fee
  • Adding some social media access in which domains can interact with each other, see friends lists from users with attached twitter accounts
  • Having a customizable bio section
  • Along with having the domain for fun, this could be used as a decentralized CV for Blockchain work or associations
  • Being able to list and show which projects you like in the crypto ecosystem such as your favorite blockchains or NFT projects.
  • An “expression” site where the user can put in whatever content they want in order to express themselves and attract like-minded people
  • Blog
  • Connect your Metamask and Harmony Chrome extension wallets, as well as 1wallet and SEF wallet
  • Direct access to staking portal
  • Display space for CDAO badges and/or tokens earned through various methods of community participation if/when created (currently being explored)
  • Display of monthly newsletter of both Harmony Protocol and CDAO
  • Calendar of events within the Harmony community (if subscribed to community calendar) as well as the option to personalize the calendar
  • If possible, a countdown ticker showing the remaining time of the user’s annual domain ownership with an option to renew or purchase indefinitely for an added fee.

-Currently when purchasing a Crazy.One Domain a community member rents the domain for a period of 1 year, after this time the domain will be made available for resale with no notification that the rental period has come to an end, The Harmony Protocol Community DAO proposes that when the transaction is made, community members will be given the option to own the domain indefinitely for an additional fee.

If the Community decides that the Harmony Protocol Community DAO should take on the initiative, we will start discussions with the Harmony foundation to determine if we can take control of the campaign. We can then discuss further with developers regarding what’s possible and approach the community for more feedback regarding what use cases they would like from the domains.

Example of Possible Future Pricing Structure (not set yet)

10-8 Characters 100 Harmony $ONE

7-5 Characters 1,000 Harmony $ONE

4-3 Characters 10,000 $ONE

2-1 Characters 50,000 $ONE

Possible fee to keep the domain indefinitely

*Another possibility would be to use USD value to set the cost in ONE and each newly elected council can decide to adjust the cost to reflect ONE price action

Conclusion and Call for Input

We ask that you vote in the poll below to express support or opposition to the Community DAO pursuing the enhancement of the domains in order to act as a source of revenue to help maintain the DAO treasury. Also, we ask that you leave any comments you may have regarding any additional features and use cases you would like to see included or not included. Comments on any other subject matter within the proposal is also encouraged. If it is determined that the community supports the above proposal, the info within this thread will act as a guide to help determine what these domains ultimately become.

Do you support the Community DAO further developing use cases for the Crazy.ONE domains?

  • Yes
  • No

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Briefly discussed in one of the twitter spaces and I loved it. Could be a better avenue to onboard/help newer users. Also could be a deterrent for scammers. Maybe unique nft unlocks for specific achievements? Looking forward to it!


Everyone reading this: please take the time to offer your thoughts. What features listed excite you the most? Are there any you don’t like or would like to see in addition to those proposed? What do you think of pricing structures? What is a fair value in your mind? The Community DAO is looking for your input!


I like the idea of further developing the domains. They could prove to be very useful someday. I definitely agree with the price change. I wanted to get a 5 letter domain that means nothing to anyone but me most likely, but it would be 100,000 ONE which is roughly around $30,000 at the moment. It seems a bit high for a 5 letter domain that isn’t a word or in demand at all. Just a little :pinching_hand: lol Plus it is technically a sub-domain tbh.

I say yay to this :+1:

By the way, I like the idea of using it for NFT collections. That was the idea for the 5 letter domain I want. I was going to link it to my DaVinci profile, and also the thought of possibly using it for a wallet address had crossed my mind as well. Until I realized how much it was going to cost me lol.


Some great feedback here Stakeit! Thank you for getting involved in the conversations here and on the Twitter space. :+1:t2: progress.


From the quick math I did of the last 100 transactions spanning 4 days there were 60 for 1 ONE, 27 for 10 ONE, and 13 for 100 ONE. This roughly translates into 400 ONE per day 144,000 ONE per year. At the current price this would be around $45k. Will need to see what renewal revenue looks like also once that becomes available.

I can see the current state of being the basic domain registration and then a premium option creating additional revenue to offset the added costs of adding features.


Anytime! Not a problem at all it’s my pleasure. I am very passionate about what I do and love this. Nothing else in the world I would rather be doing for a living tbh. Thank you as well as everyone else too! We have the best family here in Harmony and I couldn’t be part of a better project and community IMO. Time for Harmony to steal the show. It’s our time to shine! :blue_heart::eyes: LFG! Let’s do this! :rocket:

From the beginning, I loved the idea of Bringing back this campaign and implementing it would be really great, Thank you for allowing the community to give input.

From the Suggested Potential ideas for the domains, I noticed a theme of Frontend|Backend features and I love all of the options, I noticed an overarching theme and wanted to give this thought some airtime.

I propose that has an account owner backend named ‘ONEdashboard’… Think of it as homepage you can customize and see all useful info about Harmony ONE. helpful links, staking info, gov proposals, popular threads.
The Frontend could stay a twitter account, or … stretch goals could be to have the frontend profile with NFT’s showcase, external link buttons. etc.

I agree with pricing changes
I agree with fee for perpetual ownership
Additional proposal ~ ONEdashboard

~Elegantly designed ONEdashboard - to include a user backend with useful Harmony One info widgets and a frontend publicly viewable and editable profile~

Much love and support