Complete Pivot/Rebrand of Community DAO into Harmonauts DAO


The Community DAO was intended to be a hub for the Harmony ecosystem, aimed at fostering community engagement and development. However, recent evaluations and discussions have brought to light a significant issue: the Community DAO lacks the necessary support and resources to function effectively. This concern was thoroughly discussed in a recent BUTTLANDdao community meeting.

Proposal for Pivot/Rebrand

After careful consideration and collaborative discussions, we propose a strategic pivot/rebrand of the Community DAO. The essence of this pivot involves a merger with the Harmonauts DAO. This decision was not taken lightly, but we believe it aligns with our long-term vision and the community’s best interests.

Key Actions in the Pivot:

  1. Merging Treasuries: The existing treasury of the Community DAO will be transferred to the Harmonauts DAO. This consolidation of resources is aimed at maximizing efficiency and impact.
  2. Social Media and Communication Channels Update: All social media platforms, Discord channels, and other communication mediums currently under the Community DAO will be updated to reflect the merger, directing members and newcomers to the Harmonauts DAO.
  3. Recovery Validator Update: We will also be updating our Recovery Validator to streamline the transition and guide our community members towards the Harmonauts DAO.

Seeking Community Input

This pivot is a community-driven decision, and your input is invaluable. We encourage everyone to share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions regarding this proposal. This is a collective journey, and every voice matters.

  • Share your thoughts here on the forum: Please use this thread to post your ideas, concerns, or any feedback you have.
  • Reach out on Twitter: Follow and engage with us at Community DAO Twitter.
  • Join our Discord conversation: Be a part of the discussion on Community DAO Discord.


Your involvement and support are what make our community thrive. This pivot is a step towards a more unified and stronger future for all of us in the Harmony ecosystem. We look forward to your active participation in shaping this new chapter.

A snapshot vote will be created based on feedback to make the final decision


OMG :point_up:
You work incredibly fast and efficient. This obviously has my FULL support and seems to make COMPLETE sense.

Currently there just aren’t MANY people *Active. And IMO this would leverage what momentum and resources that are available.

Joining DAOs and supporting other “active” communities/ Projects seems like the number ONE choice IMO :blue_heart:

Thank you for voicing your support :raised_hands: :blue_heart:

And thanks ChatGPT for the speed :rocket: :grin:


You guys have been super valiant in your efforts to continue to support the cDAO and I want to be sure you get the kudos deserved because those that should be thanking you most likely won’t.

I’m not going to get into anything here and keep it simple. IMO do it. If anyone has any issues with the tiny amount of funding the cDAO has left, create a community faucet and let it run until funds dry up.

Cheers everyone!



5 votes! Wow. I’m glad that infrastructure can handle such a high volume of transactions.