Cosmic Universe - A Play-to-Earn Fantasy Adventure RPG Game

Thanks Jack! Looking forward to getting those milestones checked off :white_check_mark:

Our Development multisig wallet: 0xcf7aBaB64e1C204DD641D63Fd850D48E9B0755eB

Will get that KYC taken care of :+1:

I must admit I do enjoy the idea of the project plus your early in the ecosystem (me gusta! lol)
I really do like the points/question that Jacksteroo especially regarding defi integration since everything else seem to be on point!!
(question of opinion please forgive me for the comparison) according to defi llama defi kingdoms has about 97M tvl, they have nfts but i think its mostly cause of the dex feature(in house transaction to keep moeny on the platform itself), since the project is not in main phase yet it makes perfect sense to partner with other dex’s ( i think) but i also think since you have to dual stake on their platform (sushi,loot,viper)…could migrate those dual pools and lock in some extra value when the time comes.
loll you know wishful thinking
cause i would REALLY love to see cosmos wizard rival or even surpass defi kingdom!!!
i think you guys will be on the track! cant wait to see the growth! keep at it!

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Amazing idea, very excited for this to launch on harmony

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Great news! We have fulfilled one of the major milestones set out by Harmony to receive our grant, which is the creation of a DAO…the Cosmic DAO!

I wrote an article explaining everything about Cosmic DAO and its function, as well as the finer details, here: Cosmic DAO — Cosmic Universe’s Aragon-Powered DAO | by Cosmic Universe | Oct, 2021 | Medium

We started the DAO with our 3 Core Team members (myself, Aaron P., and Mr. M) and then elected 6 governors, for a total of 9 DAO members currently.

I formed the DAO through the help of Aragon, which just this past week brought its DAO-creation services to Harmony! I’m actually also on the Aragon team under my real name, as I am passionate about the socially transformative nature of DAOs and the incredibly positive impact they can have for humanity, so I was incredibly excited about this opportunity for my project and the MMORPG blockchain game we’re currently developing.


hey, we need your Harmony ONE wallet address and the amount of ONE tokens to proceed with the funding.

Hi @lij I thought I need to provide the same address as listed earlier in this thread from our multisig (0xcf7aBaB64e1C204DD641D63Fd850D48E9B0755eB)? That’s what I provided on the form as well. Let me know if I need to provide something else. As for the amount of ONE, it would currently be 34674 ONE

okay funded, oh i was looking for the “one1…” format but all good: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


p.s. i’m really looking forward to playing this


Thanks @lij! Looking forward to sharing more as our devs crank out the dev updates!


Hi everyone! I just wanted to provide an official update on here to show how development is coming along in the past 2 months. We’ve made a significant amount of progress and have recently doubled our gamedev team, which is now helping us accelerate the development of in-game assets, animation, interface, mechanics, blockchain integration, and more.

Check out a recent teaser we released showcasing an area of the first island on the first planet of Cosmic Universe called Mystic Alpines: Cosmic Universe Mystic Alpines teaser - YouTube

Since November, which was the last time I shared an update here, we have done the following:

-Sold out our first 10K Character NFT collection, Cosmic Wizards
-Seen around 2M $ONE in Wizards traded on secondary marketplaces
-Expanded our project team to approximately 20 members
-Organically grown our community to over 10K on Twitter & 6K on Discord
-Started designing and rendering 3D in-game versions of all 10K 2D Cosmic Wizards, which will be airdropped for FREE to every holder of 2D Wizards
-Completed an interactive land explorer to be released in early February
-Completed a new website to be released in early February
-Developed a native NFT marketplace for the trading 6 different types of NFTs in Cosmic Universe (Characters, Land, Structures, Pets, Items, and Resources) to be released in mid February
-Created a land NFT collection for the first island (land map) our of 7 on the homeworld planet to be released in mid February
-Partnered with Harmony Universe to develop an innovative new DEX called OneFi that is not just another fork of something and will have DeFi products and features that currently are not available on Harmony, to be released in February
-Set up the Cosmic Validator, which was elected within a day and has been delivering around 10% $ONE returns
-Burned 25M COSMIC
-Burned 100K MAGIC
-Started providing weekly development updates in our Weekly Wizard articles and infographics
-Taken over the management of LootSwap after the original creator mentally checked out on the project, in order to ensure our project (which became larger than all assets on the rest of the DEX combined) was safe and secure while we developed our own DEX that we plan to integrate directly into the 3D MMORPG we’re creating

We have also completely revamped our whitepaper, so if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the January 2022 version.

Once our new website is up, we will be using it as the hub for the game, while also establishing a separate website for the blockchain gaming studio we have been developing. We have grown by leaps and bounds since we’ve requested and been approved for our Harmony grant, and we plan to continue doing so and truly become the leading blockchain game on Harmony and helping the ecosystem itself grow to become a leading smart contracts platform.

Also, we have seen a fake copied version of our 10K Cosmic Wizards 2D NFT collection on OpenSea, which is a bit flattering, but something we are also actively encouraging people to Report to OpenSea so they take it down to avoid people getting duped since those NFTs will not be useful in the game. In fact, our upcoming airdrop of 3D Wizards will only go to those who currently hold the real Wizards on the Harmony blockchain.

We truly appreciate what Harmony and the community has done since we were an unknown project up to now being one of the largest on the blockchain, with a dedicated and positive community. We have placed a considerable amount of capital into the project, which was thanks to selling out our Cosmic Wizards NFTs, providing us with plenty of funds for gamedev for the time being.

As we grew, we expanded what the scope of the game would be, to ensure we delivered the best product we possibly could given our available resources, and one that would still be relevant years from now. We continue to make good on our promises and look forward to a phenomenal year for crypto, Harmony, and Cosmic Universe!


Incredible Development team behind a P2E NFT Crypto game that will transform the gaming community and become a Harmonic force in the incredible Harmony $ONE ecosystem.

Reading back through this string as you applied for a Harmony grant, one can see you continue to exceed your lofty goals and deliver on your promises.

I consider myself so fortunate to have found the Cosmic Universe and minted my first 5 Wizards in early November, 2021. Super excited to be here and I look forward to supporting you and this project for years to come.

Thank you and your fantastic team for all of your hard work, dedication, and drive to truly make something special here on the Harmony $ONE blockchain.

Keep up the fantastic work! :blue_heart::mage:


The project looks beautiful. I saw on the website that you were looking to a pre-alpha test version in 1st half of 2022" - please keep me posted on when you will launch to testnet! Cheers.


3D Wizards are now claimable! These are freeze-frames of 10,000 unique Unreal Engine 5 models, with rigging and everything already done. If you have an original 2D Wizard NFT, claim your free corresponding 3D Wizard and also get a framed 2D Wizard collectible that will act as an Item NFT in our MMORPG, which you can hand on the walls of your home, art gallery, the Expo Center, and more. Players will need a 3D Character NFT in order to play Cosmic Universe.

Half of all 3D Wizards have already been claimed, and you can claim yours here: Cosmic Universe


Hi there:

Would you share please some advances on the great project, please?
Roadmap for launching the game, using the wizards, lands, next worlds…
Thank you for sharing it here.

Keep pushing it!
:rocket: :mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:

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Our new gameplay demo teaser trailer is out!

The playable demo will be released first week of June; we’re just wrapping up the implementation of harvesting mechanics.

Also, a good chunk of the info in the original post here is now outdated but there is no way to update it so I will share a revamped version of it in June that more accurately reflects our blockchain MMORPG.


Great video and fly through the landscape :fist_right::fist_left:

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Love the Cosmic Team! Best community on discord hands down!! The ungrade to Unreal engine 5 was an epic move and has set CU to be a true game changer! It will most certainly be a shiny pearl in the ONE community and will help on boards thousands of new people to the Harmony community! I can’t wait to see the June Post!

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Our first playable demo is now officially released! :partying_face:

This is a single-player offline playable demo within a sandboxed area by Ambrosia Lake and the Cosmic Enchanters region.

There are 2 ways to play: a downloadable client (for Windows) and directly in your browser on our website (for both Mac & PC)

You can find links to both options on our homepage:

Please note that the downloader is not “signed” so Windows may say it is not safe to run but it is perfectly safe. Our Pre-Alpha will be signed and not show that notice. Also, when installing the Windows client, install just for your user (the default setting), not for all users. Otherwise, you will have trouble installing.

This is just a preview of the MMORPG we are developing with a few mini quests involving exploring, harvesting, and teleporting mechanics. We will continue to roll out releases, with multiplayer being our next major milestone, following by blockchain integration.

As we get closer to the Pre-Alpha, we will release how to get access to playtesting and bughunting.

Share all of your feedback in the demo-feedback thread in our :ear:│feedback-suggestions channel on Discord to help us create the best possible game we can.

Enjoy this first glimpse into Cosmic Universe! :sparkles: :woman_mage: :sunny: