Creative Dao Council Candidate/ Loechii

Hi Everyone :blue_heart:
My name is Loechii. Im and artist and creator and i have been an active member of the Harmony family for quite a while now.

Some of you might also known me as the creator of Harmoonies. Stephen Tse is currently having one of my creations as his Twitterprofilpicture.
Im applying to be considered as a candidate of the Creative Dao because i think a Creative Dao needs some creative minds.

We need people who thinks differently and have a strong mindset to get things started.
This Dao should have members of our community in it that can put out some ideas and create content to help Harmony reaching more people.

Feel free to check out my work and what i have been doing. I‘ll leave my linktree here :slight_smile: .

Thank you for taking your time!


very talented and hardworking girl, and quick learner. the male-dominated crypto industry needs more creative women like you. i’m happy to see you here. :blue_heart:


@Loechii is the artist that got me started in supporting artists on DaVinci – she pours herself into her art and Harmony projects. Harmoonies rock!


Thank you very much for your support :blush::blue_heart:

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:blue_heart:Thanks so much for your kind words and support​:blush:


It is exciting to see so many qualified applicants. This DAO will be epic!

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Elect Loechii for the governor!