Creative DAO Election- Q4 2021

Behold long awaited assembly of Creative DAO, and so it begins…

Thank you to @Sam for this Inception

Also big thank you to @giv and @ben2k_Stakeridoo for assistance :blue_heart:


Requirements -

MUST have 100 ONE staked or in your wallet snapshot on block # 19586903

Compatibility with Metamask and Harmony ONE wallet

*Unfortunately not functional with Ledger device *

**Voting Begins 11/22 11AM PST and run for 5 days until 11/27 11AM PST **

Video by @TheHighIndian How to cast a vote

Lookout for AMA tomorrow candidates will be asked 3 Questions


  1. What can you contribute to the Creative DAO?

  2. How long have you been involved with Harmony and it’s ecosystem ?

  3. What does “DAO” means to you and why is participating in governance of Creative DAO important to you?

The above questions will be answered during voice call in Harmony Discord Server

Within # creative-dao channel there are threads where candidates are displaying work.

More details about AMA to follow in comments of this post


We have a pool of 16 Candidates that possess exceptional talents, the list of candidates include

















Please review the field of candidates and make a selection of 9

Once 9 candidates organized they have 48 hours to respond and create a multi-sig wallet

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Lightning :zap: fast change we will be having candidates for @HarmonyCreativeDAO speak on Twitter space

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Voting will be live in less than 2 hours Snapshot

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Voting will be suspended due to error in choice of voting :ballot_box:

Awaiting response to pull current vote will update once corrected!

We apologize for the inconvenience there was recently a update just after our testings

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Voting is now live Snapshot