Creative DAO Council Candidate: Banani

Hello Harmony Community! I’m Banani, and I would love to be part of the Harmony Creative DAO!

I joined the Harmony community at the beginning of this year, and it’s been wonderful witnessing the evolution of this community.

Many of you may recognize me from VenomDAO’s ViperSwap, where I’ve been serving as a community manager for the past five months, supporting hundreds of members in our community across all social media channels.

My educational background, which consists of psychology and marketing, along with my passion for creativity, will be of great service to the Creative DAO in fulfilling its initiatives. I also enjoy writing, have a scrutinous eye for editing, and dabble with photography, video editing, and photoshop.

Looking forward to serving!!!


Twitter: @banani369
Telegram: @banani369
Reddit: u/itzgothyme
Medium: @banani369
Discord: banani#0369