Creative DAO Council Candidate / Nick Cheeky Crypto

Hey Harmonauts! My name is Nick from Cheeky Crypto YouTube Channel, and I would love to support the Creative DAO with you all.

You may recognize some of my work around covering the technical analysis & news on YouTube and across social media like twitter.

Chris & myself also run the CheekyOne pool and actively talk about delegating ONE on our videos and in streams.

We’ve done interviews with a number of high profile CEO’s of projects in the crypto space, we have increased exposure of the Harmony project to new investors within just a short space of time.

We own and run all the social’s for Cheeky Crypto and I take lead on the tech & trading, we have built over 90,000 followers on YouTube within just one year and are growing at a fast pace.

I think that Chris and myself can support in a number of ways as we have a good and well rounded skill set.

Twitter link
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I enjoy your channel. This council is shaping up to be :muscle:

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Love this channel as well, it’s great to see you in the community!

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