Creative DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Arinze Emmanuel Ebuka

My names are Arinze Emmanuel Ebuka, and I want to announce my candidacy for the Creative DAO.

I am a serial entrepreneur and a project manager. I have over five years of active participation in software development, brand building, cryptocurrency, and problem-solving with technology.

My other skillset includes; Website design and development, Graphic design and branding, Presentation and documentation, Community development, Video editing, etc. I am a team player with experience building and managing large and small-sized teams.

I believe that with the correct application of creativity, agility, and strategy, we should be able to put harmony in the right place on the world’s map and spread the right message of the Harmony One community.

History with Harmony

Harmony Nigeria DAO February 2021

DAO Governor

  • Planned and hosted the DAO’s first Meetup in Nigeria on February 19, 2022, with over 100 people in attendance, and currently planning and executing the second meetup in Lagos, Nigeria, holding on April 2, 2022.

  • Created the Email marketing system for the Harmony Nigeria DAO with over 100 registered subscribers.

  • Executed strategic partnership for the Harmony Nigeria DAO. One of which resulted in the first publication and recognition of the Harmony Nigeria DAO by one of the most prominent blockchain blogs in Nigeria.

  • Planned the first virtual hackathon of the Harmony Nigeria DAO to impact over 100 Developers.

  • Contributed to developing and designing the naijadao website and translating the official harmony website into our three local languages.

  • Grew the DAO by over 1000 members on telegram within two months, increasing community social media engagement.

Answers to question in Candidacy Requirements

  1. What is the role of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community, and how do you plan to advance its mission?

The Creative DAO is responsible for representing, expanding, and strengthening the Harmony Community. The Creative DAO does this by driving uniform branding in the Harmony ecosystem and promoting cultural values and missions. The Creative DAO is also responsible for Creating informational content to educate the community and amplify the Harmony message.

I would help advance the mission of the Creative DAO by championing other informational digital channels to increase the education of the harmony message and ecosystem. These channels include podcasting, etc.

I would also champion the creation of more video and Graphic content that would help people understand the community better. I believe a lot of the branding and language around harmony can sometimes be very complex. I would champion the creation of content that would make it easy for anyone to understand the community and be part of it. This would be done with very engaging forms of content such as animations etc.

I would also champion the design and distribution of unique banners, flyers, and other marketing creative used by all regional DAO to ensure that our branding is consistent worldwide, thereby building a more robust and undistinguishable brand presence.

  1. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

When it comes to working, I list all the things needed to be done, stating the activities, the time required to get the work done, the level of complexity, the reward of completion, and the priority. Once I made this list, I would rank each task based on the most rewarding and vital and attended to them first.

Understanding that there is no time to get everything done, focusing on the most vital and most rewarding gives the best result and feeling at the end of the day. I ensure this list is where I can also see it to keep track of my execution.

I set a realistic deadline for each task to ensure sufficient time is available to get it done correctly. I ensure distractions are put away during execution, focus on my responsibility, and effectively delicate those tasks that are not my responsibility.

  1. Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked for.

While working as a project manager in a telecommunication company called Wisper, I suggested that daily meetings of 10mins be held at the start of each day in small groups instead of having a lengthy discussion on Monday and Friday. This simple suggestion increased the Team production by 100% and meeting participation by 100%. Also, meetings were shorter but effective, staff was more motivated to start their day, management gave feedback daily to keep the Team on the right path, and information flowed faster from staff to management.

  1. Why are you the best person for a role on the Creative DAO council?

I am creative, hardworking, and Dedicated. I am skilled and experienced in many creative areas, which would allow me to properly outsource to the DAO community through bounties and be able to vet and approve results appropriately.

I love the vision for the creative DAO and clearly understand it. This gives me the foundation to execute the mandate and vision effectively.

My experiences as a governor in the Harmony Nigeria DAO also give me adequate expertise and knowledge of the harmony community, which also give me an excellent foundation to achieve the creative DAO’s mandate.

Also, looking at my track record as a governor in the Harmony Nigeria DAO shows that I have been able to execute, and I would also be able to perform effectively in the creative DAO.

  1. Fast forward three months - what will a successful term have looked like?
  • Increased community social media following by 50%

  • Increased overall public engagement in the Harmony community.

  • Created a very active Creative DAO that would encourage community involvement.

  • Post consistent, valuable educational content.

  • Increase the database of creativities in the community.


With my experience in project management, building technical solutions, DAO Governance, cryptocurrency investing, software development, community building, and business branding, I believe I would be a valuable addition to the Creative DAO team.

I am looking forward to joining the Team.

Please support me with your votes.