Naija DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Arinze Emmanuel Ebuka


My names are Arinze Emmanuel Ebuka, and I am a serial entrepreneur and an IT-focused product/project manager. I have over five years of active participation in software development and problem-solving with technology. I am also a First-Class graduate of the civil engineering department at the University of Benin.

Over the last five year, I have built three successful startups/Businesses that has serviced thousands of customers and created solutions that have influenced the life of many.

As a strong cryptocurrency adopter constantly looking for opportunities to learn more and build sustainable products and services around Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, I currently have about 40% of my investment portfolio in the form of cryptocurrency.

The term “Tech for social Changes” is something I am so passionate about. Since I started my journey as an entrepreneur, this has been one of my central pillars. I am a visioner, I love the vision of the HarmonyNaijaDAO @NaijaDAO, and I would love to help build this vision as a governor.

As a governor,

I would help build a community of cryptocurrency adopters by becoming an active, vocal advocate of Harmony and its vision. I believe community building starts from standing and showing the world the belief in something bigger than them and transferring that belief to others.

As an experienced project manager, I can help ensure that community projects are executed within stated deadlines and budgets.

The technology behind the creation of DAOs is one that I understand to be revolutionary. I would facilitate the creation of more DAOs by ensuring the required education is made available to our community.

As a visionary and experienced founder, I would create ideas, draft our execution plans and facilitate the execution process to achieve sustainable products and services built on Harmony. I would also develop creative campaigns of products and services to ensure adequate adoption.

I am a good communicator, public speaker, and presenter; I would help the community properly communicate its mission and culture to new ad already users/members both in online and physical gatherings.

With my understanding of some growth hacking systems and processes, I would be implementing it with our community which would help facilitate the growth of our community.

With my experience in project management, building technical solutions, cryptocurrency investing, business and company building, software development, community building, and business branding, I believe I would be a valuable addition to the HarmonynaijaDAO team.

I am looking forward to joining the Team.

Please support me with your votes.


Way to go Ebuka! Great Manifesto. Ensure you begin campaign as soon as possible.

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All the best @Ebuka_Arinze. Great manifesto

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Already liking this, and I feel you’ll be a huge asset to the team man…way to go​:rocket::rocket:

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Nice one Ebuka… A strong manifesto :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Great manifesto :raised_hands:… Definitely rooting for you

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Thanks so much.
I have started.
Looking forward to the best


All the best Ebuka! . . To the Moon