Creative DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Logan

Hello, my name is Logan

I run and have already created videos for Harmony in multiple capacities. I created the video for Terra bridge currently posted to the official Harmony YouTube Page. I also create videos in my own time on a channel called Logecoin

Over the past year, every week, day in and day out I have been fully integrating myself into the harmony ecosystem. In my opinion having a full sense of understanding is the only way to articulate true teaching. And in a creative field, like mine, teaching is on the forefront of my passion.

Throughout my year of investing. I have had the honor of learning about DAO operations, the core team, and the future goals that harmony has. Sure, i’ve see the bumps in the road, and of course; there will always be something holding us back. But I’m ready to see success! I’m ready to see people from all around the globe asking lots and lots of questions about harmony. And I’m ready to see the creativeDAO answer those questions in the most effective, profitable, and creative way possible!

I’m ready to see harmony shine in a space that is ready for harmony to take over! So to answer the first question… What is the role of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community (above) and how do you plan to advance its mission?

By being myself and continuing to give as much as I can to this community

  1. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

My work is my life blood, without it I am nothing. I’ve been The owner and operator of my own company since 2018. I organize my content creation using a to do list organizer called “things” and I have a strict production schedule that I keep myself to. I look forward to the creativeDAO providing video topics and scheduling my studio for video production.

  1. Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked for.

Like I said, I own and operate my own organization already, nearly every method I take is to continue the health and future-proof operations of my company. The DAO would be no different. You work for what you want in life.

  1. Why are you the best person for a role on the Creative DAO council?

I believe that I’m the best person for the job because I’ve listened. I’ve seen and I’ve experienced the hardships as if they were my own. I’m ready to help and I’m ready to communicate a new vision!

  1. Fast forward 3 months - what will a successful term have looked like?

To have a successful term metrics must be met and people must be reached! Some people depend on funding for this type of accomplishment. But I believe with clear vision and deeply instilled passion this organization can thrive


Ps. Please know that I am having some serious imposter syndrome while writing this. I never thought in 1 million years that I would be running for this type of position. But after a long time of thinking about it. I’m really glad I get to step in this point. Please consider me as your CreativeDAO governor


Awesome log,
I wish you best of luck mate, I will also wish to count your support.
A nice put


Best of luck! I’m always down the road if you need some help!


Thank you Logan for authentically sharing all of this, and putting so much thought and effort into this post.

You create incredible content, our community is lucky to have you & Creative DAO would be lucky to have you :blue_heart:

Happy to support you in any way!



No brainer, full unfiltered support


Thank you all, Here is a video that I made for my Candidacy!
(this is a test for a video player inside of the Talk Forum)


Sure, what racheal mentioned was right, lucky enough to work with you logan. You ara a really good addition!

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