Creative DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Hero Space

Hello everyone,
Some background about myself, I have been involved with crypto since 2016, been a member of the Harmony community since the Binance launchpad. Im also in the NFT circles.
In my normie job im a media producer, I have experience running marketing campaigns and Ive worked as a commercial producer on a variety of projects for companies like Hyundai and Starz. Im no DEV so this is a good opportunity for me to be more than just holder.

  1. “What is the role of the Creative DAO in the Harmony community and how do you plan to advance its mission?”
    The role should be to advance community awareness and engagement from both current members and any new comers. I can fit in by brainstorming and executing marketing campaigns from anything to simple graphics post to more complex video productions.

  2. “How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?”
    Schedules and deadlines. I think that deadlines are crucial and should be set with conviction and delivered upon. Nobody has time for back and fourths, we need results. Goals, schedules and deadlines give us direction.

  3. “Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked for.”
    Long story short, during the most recent freelance job I was involved with, I noticed the in-house editor had an interesting way of archiving project files in a way that made it far from efficient and for clutter. Throughout the duration of that project, finding archived projects was sometimes taking 5min per file when it should be taking seconds. I suggested a new method and moving forward the company has since adopted the procedure.

  4. “Why are you the best person for a role on the Creative DAO council?”
    I wouldn’t say that Im the best but I believe I am a good fit given my experience and enthusiasm for crypto, more specifically Harmony one.

  5. “Fast forward 3 months - what will a successful term have looked like?”
    We successfully plan and launch marketing campaigns that generate a measurable increase in audience and exposure.

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