Creative DAO Payroll Report - February 2022

Creative DAO Treasury Transparency Report - February 2022

Below you can find information regarding transactions from the multisig to compensate governors for work undertaken for the DAO.

Here you can find the transaction hash for each of the payments processed for the February payroll of governors.

Buyfndip : 0xee91bc9652c99802b17a8c562c51352f1bfaa6d2240be681aed1593731a3742c Transaction for a total of : 3,995.82 Harmony

Cheeky Chris : 0x7e39112a58d5490a25fce76d1f1051448b12c0d9503027fe5e023398c74d6724

Transaction for a total of : 3,261.71 Harmony

HODLen : 0x8ac912cf17c8e645fa97c99a2d7c2b96220c42307cab7bbe8e594210a26340aa

Transaction for a total of : 1,132.23 Harmony

Bricktop : 0x0f3bec2347601d22142ee09a7b7a069c8d42f503c406495dcc00896947d4fe1c

Transaction for a total of : 20,779.78 Harmony

Loechii : 0x82571d4aca1147a688dc3d9769667837d17e04e92a8cc457f689edb515fb821e

Transaction for a total of : 1,981.84 Harmony

Thehighindian: 0x07a2cae3fe05668b49309e80f11e192297097975584cd90cd8a78e72d6b9e4fb

Transaction for a total of : 683.15 Harmony

TheNurseGreg : 0xadc003e34fbd07c2129d8782131bb832e4d1e94720b73ac0fef33fb135f1f986

Transaction for a total of : 12,532.82 Harmony

You can find a detailed breakdown of individual data entries into timesheets for governors and tasked worked on, along with the excel in which Dollar-to-Harmony pay rate was calculated here: February Payroll - Google Drive

Total Harmony in treasury before February Payroll: 51336.4064

Total Harmony Remaining after February Payroll: 6,969.0464

Details of this month’s use of the community approved discretionary budget:

The Creative DAO did not make use of the discretionary budget allocation during the month of February.

Multisig information

Name of Safe: Harmony Protocol Creative DAO

Safe address: 0x7c81E03cDCF8e0a65613fF856834054C2b7bC563

Gud jobs at H1, basically you guys have been paid just to have online meetings/discussions and sending out tweets and organize a twitter account.

Money well spent!

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I guess the domain of this DAO is often restricted only to design And bounties in that form…
Actually, the scope should extend to nurturing creative ideas, connecting the right skills to crowd build which also involves building and deploying on harmony.

This will increase the operation of this DAO while connecting great Minds to harmony ecosystem, facilitating thier effort, furnishing ideas into tangible project and guiding the by serving as a hub to connect and integrate skills to Crowd build the ecosystem thus faster. This still can fit in the domain of CREATIVE…It should not only be what most though of now…
A separate channel should be added in the discord to engage and facilitate incubation of new ideas, connecting the to the right teams, giving out of bounties to actualize after they secure funding making the DAO one stop place to turn your idea into a tangible project

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