Creative DAO Council Candidate: Globey

Hello all,

(If the candidate pooling has already closed, please feel free to ignore the post; if not read on!)

My name is Jeremy (Globey / GlobeyNFT )

I have been actively creating content for multiple applications across Harmony for a while now, and felt compelled to throw my name in the hat for the creative DAO for a few key reasons I would love to outline following the format laid out by previously announced Candidates.

  • Ideal candidates must demonstrate:
    • Their familiarity with Harmony and its content across the Harmony ecosystem.

-My familiarity with Harmony is pretty broad and relatively deep. I have working relationships with most of our currently deployed Dapp developers, and can confidently say I have contributed in a “content/marketing” position to at least the following projects:

  1. VenomDAO/ViperSwap - Collab w/ daVinci for first cross promotional contest between dApps

  1. daVinci.Gallery - Wrote copy for the release of VINCI , multiple social media content graphics, t-shirt design, etc. In addition to being one of the first to really push for an active and engaged community around the platform.

  1. TokenJenny - Primary branding for initial release and launch, follow up marketing through multiple GEM Mine launches, illustrations for both Gem Mines and Pool Parties. All social content up to September.

  1. Harmoonies - Launch content

  1. The Frey - Marketing Lead for current production/content creation/promo material

just to name a few.

**** Track record of assisting community members.***

I have a pretty long track record this year of providing consistent support across multiple Dapp communities and contributing whenever it is asked of me to do so.

  • Long record following Harmony values.

I would safely say I have strived to be upfront, transparent, helpful, engaging and honest. Am fully doxed with the community and even more so to the core Harmony team.

  • Nice to have:

    • Experience writing documentation.

Photoshop skills

See attached samples

Active on social media and influencer

1400 followers on Twitter, very high engagement among Tweetdeck accounts
3000+ karma on Reddit

Experience running talks and events

  • Hosted and been given full mod control over a series of AMAs on the official Harmony Telegram during the 2 year mainnet anniversary

    Held multiple Twitter spaces with 50+ concurrent listeners

    Participated in multiple Harmony Reddit AMA’s

    Spoke most recently on zero prep at Mcon in Denver to a standing room crowd at the Harmony kickoff day 0 event.


I am a guy who loves to help and my primary contributions in my personal opinion are on crafting a compelling narrative mixed with engaging mixed media content. Would love to work with others if elected to kickstart a DAO within Harmony that can truly harness the creative talent we have, attract new creators, and 10x the ability of the community to grow through these means.

Thanks for your time and consideration if allowed to participate in the election,



Got my vote if there is any :fist_right::fist_left:

Support 1000% :blue_heart: :+1: