DAO's: no more loneliness

This post will feel like many bullet points all crammed into a single post. I hope you can read this and see that this is a collection of various thoughts all streamed together as one to come to a single point. All governance is aimed towards fairness, acceptance and cooperation. If we ever feel isolated in a DAO, then the DAO did not establish the right rule set or culture. We should enter and leave a DAO fullfilled, not drained. In order to achieve this victory across various DAO’s, we have to consider all other innovations of governance to reach consensus between the people; not just between our pockets.

Begin —
"Governance systems will improve as we adapt over time. "

I’m about to highlight details of governance improvements.

:star2: The Council DAO improvements on Governance.
• they continue to strengthen inclusivity
• plan to make voting NOT a burden to participate in.
• are modular; upgrade easily according to politics of the DAO.
• develop in a way to make DAO operations more efficient.

What are some ideas proposed by council DAO?
● “Upgrade, adapt, modular and flexible”

GSC : ‘Governance steering council’ : election through delegation.
Voting Vaults: assigning voting power to any position or value provider which increases capital efficiency.
Optimistic Grants: high budget grants with clawback ability…
Authority: acting efficiently based on expertise. Having a form of liquid representative democracy. Must be transparent with your election. Ability to spend portions of treasury and skipping the long process of governance on chain. Notify your DAO in the most convenient way possible.

---->" GSC can help speed up governance and balance existing models without deterring from standard models of democratic steering. A voting vault can adjust voting power in the future. Most importantly, it’s not permanent. "

Council DAO is an open source governance protocol. All details listed above are apart of their current system. Since everything they work on is modular, this means anything can be picked and chosen and forked at will from their project for your very own.

In my opinion…
ASIDE:: 1 thing left out was the idea BBD dabbles with, which is ‘reputational governance’ for the real contributors having the power of governance. I think we experiment with this idea through greenroom participation, which is the Bridge Builders DAO ability to achieve fair and open voting power.

However-- Adding a layer, such as a voting vault can help determine the decisions the DAO ultimately wants to account for according to anyone’s PAST working decision. Depending on the kind of work you involve yourself in, that work should be prevalent to the decisions people vote into power in the current time & present moment.

I can compare this too how military officials are more likely to be voted in vs. Buisnessmen for US presidency. If the next DAO term deems that “helping the state of the economy is more critical to the SUCCESS OF the DAO rather than increasing military power”, then your work should reflect the weight of the Voters VAULT.

We do consider this idea already with a badging system. You have an elected participation token granted by greenrooms offered by the DAO. Thus, you then participate in certain voting vaults according to the badge and participation tokens you have earned.

If you contributed to important matters the DAO see’s as more valuable (past or present), then the weigh of your voting power increases depending on the things you decided to participate in during your career.

You may have made 10,000 Logo’s, but does the humanitarian DAO care about Logo’s if the 1 other governor has 5 projects under their belt focused around humanitarian based efforts?

In one aspect, This could lead to favoritism and can completely scew the point of voting since voting then becomes a decision you make based off of the collective conscious agreement. It can radically change the focus of the DAO; but is that a bad thing? I think not.

With voting vaults comes some backlash issues; your votes can be used against you since they are tracked by a vault.
"You should never be punished for your vote, and your vote should remain anonymous. This is where Zero Knowledge Proofs come in handy; this way, no data scientist can ever use your vote against you since all votes would be tracked by a voting vault. "

Food for thought.

Adjacent from this stream of thoughts; here is my thoughts on making DAO’s less lonely feeling.

A DAO should never avoid the voice and opinions of others.
A DAO should strive to combat Isolation at its core.
A DAO should be a place to have ideas be accepted, not rejected.
A DAO should avoid using negative language; anything out of spite and without love is [NOT THE WAY].

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