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People DAO

Application type

DAO funding proposal

Proposal overview

Due to the strong benefits of DAOs, many are growing faster than they can structure their organization and onboard new members. I’d like to create a horizontal service DAO that helps other DAOs grow their teams, leaders, and organizations. As a long time community builder, coach, and consultant, I’ve had a lot of experience shaping onboarding, team dynamics and more. This proposal is to bootstrap me building a team and DAO to service other DAOs.

People DAO milestones:

  1. Secure 1-3 DAO people development projects (I’m already a member of FingerPrints and Meebits DAOs and have heard there may be interest from the Harmony team itself too).

  2. Define concrete people development challenges for these “beta” DAOs

  3. Use these concrete projects to recruit founders to our People DAO who have complementary skillsets for me and the projects we’ll bootstrap with.

  4. Complete beta projects

  5. Propose methods to scale up our tactics to help more DAOs whether it is growing our team, creating a product, or something we can’t yet imagine.

  6. Build sustainable revenue through our services so that we are self sustaining as a DAO

  7. Become a leader in DAOs space to help solve pressing people problems

Details on potential service agreements

  • Fingerprints DAO - NFT collection DAO also launching on chain NFT projects. Currently working on onboarding new members.

  • Meebits DAO - Metaverse development DAO focused on the Meebits 3d NFTs. Currently seeking to better leverage DAO “founders” – an early but large group brought into the DAO to help fund development.

  • Early discussions with RaidGuild, Metacartel & Harmony which will continue both as this proposal is discussed and accelerate if this proposal is accepted.

  • Very open to meeting more DAOs trying to figure out people development or organizational development needs.

Proposal ask

$50k initial funding to bootstrap service DAO team and tooling

Metrics for success

  • 3 contracts/agreements for DAOs seeking People DAO services within 2-4 weeks

  • 9 governors in People DAO within 2-8 weeks

  • Average satisfaction level for each contract exceeding 4/5 stars within 4-12 weeks

  • Revenue from new projects paying for team of 5 full time salaries within 12-24 weeks


@dinfo this is really exciting, to have a people-focused DAO. I’d like to raise the bar higher to expand the scope of the DAO to help anyone in the Harmony ecosystem build out them team.

Imagine this as an HR department that will be help other DAOs with:

  • Communication - setting up a framework for all DAOs, to have Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc.
  • Recruiting - job postings, LinkedIn recruiter, actively recruiting from hackathon/meetups, etc.
  • Compensation - recommending changes to comp rates based on skillsets
  • Training - seek out resources to train people on Product / UX skills, Solidity, mobile dev, etc.
  • Coaching - leadership training, communication styles, mentorship program, etc.



Interesting. The “HR” department for Harmony DAO’s (or even DAO’s in general, not specific to one blockchain).

With Dinfo already a member of two prestigious DAO’s I’m sure he’d be a great asset to have in the PeopleDAO.

@dinfo would love to know what you believe the “mandates” of the PeopleDAO should be

Thanks for the additional thoughts Jacksteroo. I feel very passionate about spending my time on training, coaching, leadership development and thinking about recruiting. If we can recruit other people into the DAO who are passionate about recruiting and compensation we could do those in more depth, otherwise they could be lighter aspects of the service DAO.

Communication feels very broad and probably best to have another team/DAO own vs. People DAO from my read of what you put together. Like a framework for Telegram/Discord for all DAOs sounds to me equally a part of marketing and ops than HR necessarily.

@frwdslosh - mandates would be proving that people ops and leadership development from a service DAO is valuable by hitting the milestones above and providing impact DAOs. I can easily see with a few wins under People DAO’s belt many DAOs wanting more help/services and it being mostly about structuring it to do them well vs. needing a mandate. What do you think?


When does one hear back? This process is confusing…

Hello @dinfo – Thank you for putting together this proposal. As you can imagine, Giv, Jack and I are very excited about the quality of proposals that have been coming in. However - that has created a bit of a bottleneck so please bear with us as we slog through the backlog.

A few things I would like to flag. While it is clear you have spent some time working on this proposal, there are some fundamentals that the proposal lacks.

For clarity - here are the guidelines from harmony.one/300:

  1. 100 DAOs ($50M). Governors of each DAO have delegated autonomy over its assets and initiatives. Harmony helps define 3 broad mandates, recruit 9 governors, define the deliverables and metrics for the first 3 months, and fund at maximum $1M. We recommend $75 to $350 per hour as the self-assessed salary, 3-month election terms, retroactive peer bonus and performance feedback, 80% passing votes, and openly tracking timesheets and deliverables for each member.

As you can see there are some core things that we need to flesh out.
(1) the 3 Broad Mandates. Think of them as “tweet-sized mission statements”. While you have some general mandates in here - see if you can pull them into three simple bullet points.

(2) 9 Governors - this is where I think the proposal is missing a key element of a DAO. We need to see a critical mass of people interested in doing this particular task.

You do a pretty good job of fleshing out some early deliverables so I will leave the rest to you.

@BRUNO wrote up a fantastic proposal for the DaVinci DAO. Take a look - you may find the framework helpful.


here’s another good thread and example from the community dao.


@dinfo I wanted to follow up on this.
The last comment we had on it was October 4th. That was about 17 days ago.

Are you working on following up or should we close out this proposal?
Sam | Harmony

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We are going to close and deny this grant for now.
I do like the idea so I encourage you (or anyone else) to submit for a grant based on this again in the future.