People DAO

Name of DAO: People DAO

1. About Us

PeopleDAO was born from a web3 movement to buy a private copy of the US Constitution. Although the project failed, the developers bequeathed the $PEOPLE token to the community. PeopleDAO formed and adopted $PEOPLE as its governance token, impressed by the meme coin’s decentralization, capped supply, and history. Now the Discord contains over 10k members and the Twitter account boasts over 19k followers. The overarching goal of PeopleDAO is to advance web3 and social good leveraging both the $PEOPLE token and an innovative metaDAO model. We are currently in the process of ratifying our DAO Constitution.

2. PeopleDAO Mandates

People DAO

Serve – Advance web3 via content creation & housing subDAOs that provide public goods

Incubate – Develop subDAOs through technical assistance & fundraising

Steward – Honour the $PEOPLE token story & write its next chapter via culture-making

3. Deliverables

PeopleDAO is working on multiple projects but three of the most important ones are: (1) creating a LanguageDAO subDAO, (2) publishing content on, and (3) offering an NFT profile picture project.

LanguageDAO – PeopleDAO is a metaDAO currently incubating two subDAOs, one being LanguageDAO. The goal of LanguageDAO is to lower language barriers in web3 through a combination of translation and interpreter services and mission-driven activities. The services include interpreting conference calls like DAO Twitter Spaces and translating crypto white papers, which often feature evolving technical jargon and regional slang that defy automated translation solutions. Revenue generated from these types of services fund mission-driven activities consisting of outreach into marginalized countries, free education, and advocating for web3 organizations to increase language accessibility. Read the white paper.


  • 30 web3 document/article translations
  • 6 Twitter Spaces, Discord Townhalls, or other conference calls using our interpreter services
  • 3 protocols or DAOs that improve language accessibility in response to LanguageDAO advocacy
  • 6 free educational articles produced, with mission-driven topics such as explaining financial terms used colloquially in different countries

How we get there – (1) Onboard members from PeopleDAO Translation Team; (2) Begin outreach to potential partners; (3) Provide service to customers; (4) Do a performance review at the end of the three months.

Publishing Content – Mirror is a decentralized platform for article publication, similar to Medium. They gave PeopleDAO its own subdomain. We have been publishing information about DAO tooling and also key updates about PeopleDAO. We plan to use this publishing platform for many different subjects in the future. Our members possess knowledge and expertise of web3 and perspectives from many nations. We will use this funding to pay contributors to write articles about the Harmony ecosystem. The shared values of our DAO indicate direction of our editorial interests: public goods, cultural exchange, liberty, humour, and memes.


  • 24 articles about the Harmony ecosystem or relevant topics.
  • Fund at least 5 web3 writers
  • Coordinate with LanguageDAO to ensure all articles are translated to Chinese characters, with English and Chinese representing the two major languages of PeopleDAO
  • Create and facilitate the “book-club” channel in the Discord as a site for conversation about our articles. Writing Team moderators will post at least one prompting question or stimulating observation per article into the book-club channel to stimulate conversation…
  • Spread awareness about each article published by posting on PeopleDAO communication channels, including Discord and Twitter

How we get there – (1) During a weekly meeting the DAO will identify content categories (ie. tech); (2) Release bounties to attract writers familiar with the content topics; (3) Editors will quality check written pieces pre-publishing; (4) The editorial team will monitor responses and sentiment within Discord and Twitter, and adjust bounties in accordance with audience interest.

PeopleDAO NFT Art Project – We are working on NFT projects that will serve as a source of fundraising for the DAO, and add to our DAO culture. We have two projects already in progress on the Ethereum chain. We will use grant funding to launch a new project on the Harmony blockchain. We plan to mint and sell these projects on Harmony’s NFT marketplace, Our shared community values also provide direction to our NFT projects.


  • Design one NFT project through brainstorming and community input at weekly meetings
  • Promote the NFT project in our Discord and Twitter with no less than 5 posts/tweets
  • Conduct sale of NFT
  • Design and issue one POAP for all DAO members involved in the project

How we get there – (1) The weekly Design Team sync will brainstorm direction for the NFT project; (2) A bounty will be issue and an artist identified; (3) Artist will work with Design Team to bring project vision to life; (4) Developer Team will assist with designing a website, using frameworks from previous projects; (6) Marketing will develop a white list to gauge demand; (5) The NFT will become available for minting, accompanied by additional marketing. (6) Design Team and artist will discuss ways of adding additional value to the NFT project community.

4. Metrics for Success

PeopleDAO commits to achieving the following objectives within three months after obtaining funding from Harmony:


  • STRETCH GOAL – Recognition from the Harmony community that LanguageDAO is tangibly reducing language barriers, as measured by testimonials from high profile community stakeholders, as well as general sentiment captured Twitter by likes and retweets.
  • Maintain over an average 4 star satisfaction rating on our customer survey
  • Proceeds exceed at least 15% of the amount allocated from the Harmony grant Content

  • STRETCH GOAL – Recognition from the Harmony community that PeopleDAO articles are providing exceptional value to the ecosystem, as measured by testimonials from high profile community stakeholders, as well as general sentiment captured Twitter by likes and retweets.
  • On a week-to-week basis, all articles are high quality in terms of meeting at least one of the following criteria: positive audience response, depth of research, and originality.
  • Twitter engagement of articles increases 25% month-over-month
  • Proceeds exceed at least 50% of the amount allocated from the Harmony grant

NFT Project

  • STRETCH GOAL – Rank within both the top 5 most sold and most viewed projects on
  • Proceeds exceed the amount of the Harmony grant allocated for the project
  • Accrue a Verified Badge from the, evidence of the value PeopleDAO provides to the NFT marketplace

5. Governors

Our governors, who are multisig signers to the Treasury, are elected by the members of our community with the $PEOPLE token as governance. Our multi-stage election ended late-January 2022, passing a quorum of 250 million $PEOPLE, and we elected 9 international individuals from all walks of life. Our governors specialize across a myriad of fields to support the growth of the DAO: public policy, marketing, research, computer science development, network security, and more.

Our governors will ensure the integrity and uphold the vision of the DAO throughout its operation. The following are keyholders for our DAO treasury, a multisignature Gnosis Safe wallet.

0xAA - PhD in Neuroscience candidate and web3 developer.

Arthur from PandaDAO - Previously worked for cyber intelligence agencies and now works full-time for DAOs and as a blockchain analyst and media practitioner.

MatterTurbulent - Works in a policy office for a major municipality in the United States. Holds a Masters Degree in Community Organizing and is finishing up another in Health Policy.

August from OKX - A representative of the crypto exchange OKX.

Greenside - Works in the creative and marketing field in New Mexico, United States.

Showman - An attorney licensed in Illinois, United States, who used to work for a major municipality as a prosecutor. Currently runs a small business in Tokyo and freelances policy research.

Ran - Backend technology lead working in a Top 5 internet company in China.

Zerohash - An econometrician researching the blockchain-growth nexus. Has a background in programming, economics and statistics.

Bruce - Lawyer qualified and practicing law in two jurisdictions: Australia and China.

6. Governance model

The governance model employed by PeopleDAO takes on a triadic approach: participation maximization, centralisation contraction, and absolute transparency.

Firstly, with participation maximization in mind, PeopleDAO aims to be as inclusive and encouraging as possible for global members to partake in our mission and engage in high-level discussion that aid in the development of the DAO. Secondly, with centralisation contraction in mind, we ensure the DAO stays true to the web3 decentralization spirit and avoid power aggregation of any individuals within the DAO. Lastly, transparency allows the operation and accounting to be clearly recorded and conveyed to community members.

We run yearly elections and our Constitution contains more details about our governance model.

7. Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet

The DAO Treasury employs a Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet. Currently, the DAO Treasury uses the 0xDd386096048683378E87FA626C75C2b548fd5e7e address on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Blockchain, and Polygon Blockchain.

PeopleDAO governors are currently working on establishing treasury addresses on other chains, such as Harmony. All treasury executions require approval from 6 of 9 multisig holders.

8. Election Schedule

PeopleDAO governors rotate on a yearly basis. Each year the election process should follow a similar schedule.

Jan 1 to Jan 8: Self Nomination period. (deadline UTC 23:59, Jan 8)

Jan 9 to Jan 15: Discord voting period. (deadline UTC 23:59, Jan 15)

Jan 16: Statistics on shortlisted candidates compiled and BOT eradication

Jan 17 to Jan 22: Snapshot voting period (deadline UTC 23:59, Jan 22)

Jan 22: 9 Multisig signers elected

Jan 22 to Jan 31: Multisig transition period

Feb 1: New multisig signers conducts the first roundtable meeting

The first Multisig election was successfully concluded on Jan 22, 2022.

9. Budget

PeopleDAO is seeking $75,000. The funding will support the three ongoing projects outlined in this application.

Budget Item Cost
LanguageDAO $60,000
Publishing Content $7,500
PeopleDAO NFTs $7,500
  1. LanguageDAO – The funds funneled to LanguageDAO will be used for onboarding freelance translators and interpreters, compensating moderators and project managers, and developing and disseminating marketing materials.

  2. Content publication – To incentivize contributions, PeopleDAO will allocate funds to reward writers for quality content creation, published on the Mirror platform. The DAO will also fund two editors and one project manager.

  3. NFT Project – As part of our fundraising initiative, PeopleDAO has a team devoted to the development of an NFT project. Grant funds will go towards paying the artist, the project manager, and any associated marketing costs.

9. Sustainability

Self sufficiency is the key to growth and development for any organization, be it centralized or decentralized. People DAO currently has a treasury of about $120,000, accrued through donations. Each of the three projects we are working on in association with the Harmony grant will bring in revenue for the DAO and contribute to PeopleDAO sustaining activity in the Harmony ecosystem.

  • LanguageDAO – We are still developing our pricing structure but will make decisions based on market norms, and so will charge $0.1 cents per word, for example. Similarly, we will follow industry norms for interpreter services and charge $3 per minute. We will continually assess the market and our operating costs and adjust prices.

  • –. Each article can be purchased as an NFT, which contributes to the DAO Treasury and rewards authors. The legendary rarity costs 1 Ether, rare costs .01, and common coasts .001. Using the Split feature, 70% of proceeds go to the writer and 30% to the DAO treasury. On a bi-weekly basis the editorial team will analyze which articles are selling the most and then work with writers to pitch ideas that appeal to our audiences.

  • NFT Project – Selling the NFTs generates revenue. The project adopts a tiered system, with less scarce varieties selling in the low-hundreds range, a mid-tier rarity selling in the low thousands, and then a single most-rare variety selling somewhere in the ten-thousands. The project is aiming to take in substantially more revenue than the overhead costs covered by the Harmony grant.

10. External Links

Linktree: People DAO | Linktree


Let’s go there… PeopleDao is the way to go in this 21st century

I’m a member of PeopleDAO because I wasn’t ready for the party to end after ConstitutionDAO disbanded. It’s been awesome working with people from around the world, and I’m super impressed by the talent and enthusiasm of this group. Our goals are very much in line with what Harmony is doing, so I hope you check us out!


p.s. we’d love feedback on the proposal and thoughts on how we can integrate with the Harmony community. We’ve proposed ideas like endowing the regional DAOs with a stake in LanguageDAO, and translating Harmony materials to languages not yet covered, to help lay the groundwork for new regional DAOs. What do y’all think?


I think a pretty good proposal overall. One question I have, your mandate is to incubate, create or foster sub-DAOs, who need help. My question would be, is this a pressing need? I didn’t see your rationale for trying to fulfill the need. I do think it is a good proposal, your mandates just seem a bit disparate. Good luck! Just trying to help make it better!


我喜欢people dao 希望他有一天能和稳定唉一样,1people=15美金


我喜欢people dao 希望他有一天能和稳定唉一样,1people先到达1美金吧

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I’m a member of the PeopleDAO and I can say it’s a super supportive project and all the members of the community are working together to see the community push forward. This is awesome.


谢谢管理员的辛苦工作。作为people dao的一员,很想为社区做点贡献,我也在努力学习技术同时提高自己的语言能力。期待未来能为社区出一份力。我希望社区能做成一个超级投行同时能肩负理想,把收益用来做些公益造福全人类。这才是people的使命。

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As a member of peopleDAO, I sincerely wish peopleDAO can do better and better, and I have been contributing my share to it.
Why do you like peopleDAO?

  1. the narrative is great. Everything comes from ConsitutionDAO to bid the Constitution, which is for the people, for freedom
  2. peopleDAO’s goal of development to become a metaDAO, currently has been incubating multiple sub-DAO, languageDAO, PandaDAO, etc… all for the web3 world to make some contributions
  3. the crowd base is strong, peopleDAO has more than 10,000 members, there are talented people from more than a dozen countries around the world to join and contribute together

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People need to grow up and need more attention, everyone take action, come on! ! !

Hey Coach, thanks for your feedback. Here at PeopleDAO we wish to live up to out motto of “We the people!” hence we try to based our operations that could best reflect said motto. I would say that incubating DAOs and subDAOs in general can be considered ‘medium’ importance. The idea is to have PeopleDAO as the core and help fund the projects in web3 that the community deem useful. These projects can range from launching DAOs, NFT projects, or a simple web3-education blog that someone wishes to spread.

Many of these projects, although have their solid vision coupled with their quality, are often overlooked due to lack of marketing, simplistic design, or the people behind the project do not have sufficient support - be it monetary or resource support. That’s where PeopleDAO comes in with out in-house teams of writers, designers, developers and paralegals, it will be easier to form a foundation for these projects.

Thanks for pointing out a possible disparity. We will definitely reconsider the mandate of the DAO after discussing with the team.


Thanks, great question! I think CDAO showed us that a lot of people out there might participate in web3 under the right circumstances, but there are a lot of barriers (e.g. not wanting to get rugged, or simply not understanding how wallets and gas work, let alone being able to read a contract). There are so many cases where I think more resources would pour in if people had confidence in the governance of a DAO, everything from neighborhood organizations to “let’s buy X” moonshots. The broader movement has a lot of potential that hasn’t been unlocked!

The solutions are to build more accessible tools, to educate, and to foster trust, which happens by building community and relationships across organizations. When we team up in with PizzaDAO to throw a pizza party in Denver, besides showing a handful of people a good time, we show everybody that hey, we’re real people, and we’re sincere about our mission (in this case a mission to feed the world some pizza!). So I’d add that our efforts extend beyond the metaDAO framework to encompass doing what it takes to serve the broader movement.


See, I knew there is a need and a rationale. And it’s a good one, to be sure. But, not having the need and rationale in the proposal, does not explain the rationale to potential members or investors. Without the explanation, there is no understanding why you are doing things, only that are doing things. Just my humble opinion. Like I said, I think y’all are doing great things. Best of luck!

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Thanks again, this was really helpful!

Hey @enfin, as a DAO that acts as an incubator for DAOs, I’d love for you to take a look at our proposal for Great Debaters DAO and give us some feedback. Any feedback gives us an opportunity to improve our organization. So, I’d very much appreciate it.

I’m just curious as to why would you use the existing $PEOPLE token instead of issuing one after a fundraiser (in which you can accumulate additional funds for your own treasury)?

People DAO was birthed from the ashes of Constitution DAO. Our community wishes to carry on the vision of CDAO so we decided to adopt the $PEOPLE token for governance. This is also helpful since the token is a good representation of our DAO. Furthermore, CDAO has relinquished their rights to the token smart contract so there is a finite supply of the token.

Adopting a pre-existing token that’s fairly popular for governance is also an easy way to market our DAO and increase awareness. Although we lost our funding opportunity as we didn’t issue our own token, we think the trade-off was worthy. We are also actively engaging the community for donations and funding.

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An update, here are the live links to our DAO Governor’s personal Twitter accounts.

  1. 0xAA -

  2. Arthur from PandaDAO -

  3. MatterTurbulent -

  4. August from OKX -

  5. Greenside -

  6. Showman -

  7. Ran -

  8. Zerohash -

  9. Bruce -