DeArt Gallery - Curated NFT Collections and free to use Community Platforms

Name of Project
DeArt Gallery

Application type
Product Launch

Proposal overview

DeArt Gallery is an NFT Studio aiming to enhance Harmony’s Blockchain NFT space. Utilizing technology and software applications to create curated NFT collections, creative game-like mechanisms and free to use community platforms; Harmony users will be able to experience Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Mental Canva, and many others that we have yet to see in the NFT space.

DeArt aims to be the home of a variety of art-styles, that is why our artists are third parties incorporated into each collection based on their style and how it fits the current NFTs in production.

Gamification is a very important part in each one of our collections. However, we have a clear understanding of our potential users, and we know that sometimes the community simply don’t have the time to participate in huge and complicated games, nor the will to learn time consuming mechanisms or attend community events.

That’s why what we plan to offer is the right balance between dynamic collectibles, game-like features and actual in-game experience.

We wish to establish ourselves as the leading NFT Studio in the Harmony Blockchain, a place to house original and cool collections that are like nothing else in the space.

In the long term, we see DeArt having also it’s own NFT Launchpad for freelance artists or teams that wishes to get DeArt’s help to curate their collections and design unique mechanics, in order to get their products and ideas to the next level.

The Team

DeArt’s team is mostly based in South America and it’s formed by a group of people with a very diverse set of skills. All of us are true artists in our own way. Some of our team members possess plenty of experience working with Augmented Reality(AR), 3D printing and 3D modeling softwares, which are some of the technologies that we intend to add to our NFT collection features.

We have prepared a Medium article that dives into every team member, their role in DeArt, backgrounds, previous experience and links to both, Linkedin profiles and Portfolios:

DeArt’s Gallery - Website.

DeArt’s website is the central hub for all our upcoming products. Here you will be able to find links to all our upcoming collections websites, and access to all the Community Platforms we plan to launch as well.

The first of these platforms is a NFT Dashboard called My Album, in which owners of our collections can see every DeArt’s NFTs they currently own, as well as claim and activate benefits granted for being True Collectors, thus entitled to DeArt’s Loyalty Program perks and rewards.

1st Collection - Mint O’Taurs

Mint O’Taurs is DeArt’s first collection. The set consists of 5050 NFTs completely made in 3D, with cool looking skins, clothes and accessories, market themed and Harmony supporters.

Here is a link to the Mint O’Taurs backstory:

Dual Rarity System

The rarity of a Mint O’Taur NFT is not only determined by the parts of the piece, but also by the kind of logo each NFT gets assigned at minting.

We call these: NFTiers ( Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond ).

Each NFTier is capped to a fixed amount of mints. We refer to the NFTiers system as the Gaming Rarity. The higher the tier, the higher the value of the NFT, and the wider the field of vision will be within the Labyrinth Game.

The Mint O’Taurs collection will always be a dynamic one, meaning that the pieces won’t be static. As we develop more collections and build our community platforms using the technologies mentioned before, the Mint O’Taurs will be enhanced with more features and perks like: unlocking music, 3D printing file, idle animation, etc.

These are all the features and mechanics that we intend to launch during 2022 for the Mint O’Taurs collection:

· Training System (at least 50% chance to upgrade the NFT’s rarity).

· Access to an exclusive Play to Earn Labyrinth Game for Mint O’Taurs holders.

· The Mint O’Taurs NFTs work as an entry-pass to DeArt’s Loyalty Program, granting the owners several benefits for all our future collections and features.

· A chance to obtain a very rare NFT (The Taur Statue) from a set of only 30 pieces during The Taurs Awards event in late 2022, plus a new Skin for their Mint O’Taur NFT.

There is a dedicated article for each of these utilities in Mint O’ Taurs Medium page:

Mint O’Taurs - Website:

While DeArt’s website works as a hub for all the collections, each of these collections will have its own website, Roadmap and Whitepaper, with its own features and tabs depending on the mechanics intended for each of them.

The Mint O’Taurs website will be launch with the following features on the Harmony Testnet during the last week of May, and onto Mainnet on June 1st:

  • On-site minting page
  • Viewer page (to be able to browse and filter through the whole collection).
  • My Taurs Dashboard

As we develop the systems for the utilities mentioned in the previous section, we will add the features to the website according to the Mint O’Taurs Roadmap for 2022:

DeArt’s Roadmap & Future Collections

As we work on the Mint O’Taurs features, we are developing in parallel the samples for the next 2 collections.

Here is DeArt’s Roadmap for 2022 and the intended Launch Calendar for all the collections that we plan to launch on Harmony over the next 15 months.

Some of these collections are currently at different design stages; 3D art design, concepts art, naming and branding, game-like mechanisms, and even music production.

All the collections will be intertwined one way or another, thus reinforcing the value and utility of the previous ones, and becoming a foundation block for DeArt as a whole.

Community Platforms

While designing our collections, DeArt’s team keeps the following principle at all times:

“Every collection must become alive, and add value to the previous ones”.

We truly think that our NFT’s should reach out to the real world too, and that’s why we are aiming to be the nexus between the physical world and NFTs on Harmony.

We want to bring NFTs to life through the use of technologies that haven’t been seen much in this space yet, like: AR(Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and even the use of selfies as an interactive mechanic for a NFT based charity initiative.

In order to achieve this goal, we will be bringing to the Harmony Blockchain several Community Platforms that we will launch for both: collectors and non-collectors.

These are the first two platforms we intend to launch and in which we are currently working in:

-D-AR(Augmented Reality) Mobile App

D-Ar Mobile App will allow the owners of our NFTs to display their pieces at their homes.

Imagine owning a 3D NFT that comes with music (like we intend to do in the near future), then with the use of Augmented Reality people could get together for dinner, and each of them would display their NFTs in the D-AR app. Simply by synchronizing the music tracks they want to play they would basically become a music band formed by NFTs, or perhaps something more simple, like displaying an animated Mint O’taur on a decorative frame in your living room, or just a little creature sitting on your shoulder, etc.

The possibilities with AR are endless and the room for designing new ideas is huge. We will use our team experience with this technology to design innovative concepts and mechanics in the NFT space.

-ONE for ALL Movement

The ONE for ALL Movement is a charity initiative inspired by Goku’s famous technique — Spirit Bomb.

Much like Goku asked the people of the planet to lend him their energy to help him save the Earth, the ONE for ALL movement will do the same across all Harmony users, by implementing an ENERGY LENDING game mechanic to raise funds in the form of ONE tokens and donate them to different causes.

Simply by minting a selfie of themselves, raising their hands up in the air, and selecting how much Energy they want to lend, people will officially be part of the ONE for ALL Movement. The minted selfie, which is their new NFT, is now a certificate that proves that they have officially contributed to that specific cause.

These NFTs certificates will have different levels based on the amount of Energy(total of ONE tokens) the user has donated. The higher the level, the higher the voting power to choose the next cause the movement should raise funds for.

The funds raised through this platform will be distributed as follows:

  • 80% of the SPIRIT BOMB will be donated to the selected cause.

  • 20% will be sent to DeArt’s Treasury to cover the costs of development and marketing.

Front-End Example

DeArt’s Team will pre-select a few options to donate to, but it will be the community who decides which one we will raise funds for.

Goku saved the Earth many times with the Spirit Bomb, the Harmony community can do the same

Grant Distribution

We are not launching our own token in the near future, and it’s not something we consider necessary for now. We are not closing the door to this, but definitely not a variable in the present. All our mechanics will work using ONE or add use cases for our partners tokens, since our main goal is to enhance the Harmony Community as a whole.

Because of this, most of our expenses are Development Costs, and we intend to allocate most of the grant to cover for not only the current Team’s expenses, but also the cost it would require to expand it in the following way:

  • Incorporate a Chief Marketing Officer (Full time)
  • Incorporate 1 more Solidity Back-End Developer with experience on NFTs and gaming. (Part-Time)
  • Hire 1 more 3D Artist (Full time).

The rest of the Grant funds would be designated as follows:

-10% will be used as our Community Fund, which will return to the community in the form of Community Contests Prizes and Giveaway Rewards.

-10% of the funds will be allocated as our Ecosystem Fund. This will be used to establish strategic partnerships and cover the cost of Marketing Campaigns.

-10% of the funds will be part of our Security Fund. This will give us the chance to perform audits on all our upcoming features contracts and guarantee a Safe & Sound user experience with our products.

-The final 10% of the Grant funds would be designated to DeArt’s Treasury Wallet and be kept there as an Emergency Fund.

In summary:

- 60% of the funds will reward our team for all the past and future work.

- 10% will be coming back to the community through contests and giveaways

- 10% will be used to establish strong connections in the Harmony Ecosystem.

- 10% will reinforce the contracts of all our upcoming features.

- 10% will work as Back Up funds and be kept in DeArt’s Treasury Wallet.

Proposal ask

We are applying for a 50K grant and help with fundraising, product development and talent recruitment.

Metrics for success

10K after launching Mint O’Taurs website as a feature-complete product (Minting page + Viewer page + My Taurs Dashboard) on testnet.

10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs

10K after launching Mint O’Taurs website as a feature-complete product (Minting page + Viewer page + My Taurs Dashboard) on Mainnet

10K after launching DeArt’s NFT Dashboard (My Album) on Mainnet.

10K after launching D-AR mobile app.

External links

DeArt Gallery:



Mint O’Taurs Collection:



Official Community Channels:

-Discord: DeArt Gallery


-Medium: DeArt Gallery – Medium

-Mint O’Taurs Twitter:

-Mint O’Taurs Medium: Mint O'Taurs – Medium


Hi I’m Billie and I support this proposal!


Thank you very much for your support Billie!


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and assigned to @jbeltran on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.



We are looking forward to answer back any questions and to clear all doubts that may present to the Harmony community after reading through our proposal.

Our whole team is doxxed in this article DeArt’s Team — Backgrounds and Porfolios | by DeArt Gallery | May, 2022 | Medium and we would love to do a video call with you @jbeltran or anybody else from Harmony. We are eager to meet you actually!


Very nice proposal I wish you guys luck!!


I can’t wait to see where this project goes! I know it’s a way off, but I can’t WAIT for 2023 Q2 fairy tales release!! Back to lurking in Discord <3 <3


Good documentation and roadmap, we are looking forward to seeing you guys roll this out! Cheers!


Thank you! You have no idea how flattered we feel having this kind of comment coming from you guys. Your work is mind blowing. Thanks for taking the time to read about us. I know is a lot!


I am very excited to see this proposal finally come across the talk forums. As a friend and someone who has worked closely with Joaquin (Kami no Taur), the founder for @DeArt-Gallery, I would like to share my support of this proposal for a Product Launch Grant.

Firstly the project alone speaks for itself in the quality it brings in its 3D based NFTs. We often see 2D art styled NFT projects, many of which I support, but I do believe it is fair to say this is a refreshing approach especially for this ecosystem! Along with this I believe it is imperative we note the AR app scheduled on the roadmap. The only other major project I am aware of that does this is VeVe (Ecomi) which is a $500+ million project. This is introducing something new to Harmony. A new way to collect and view NFTs, helping give lifelike tangibility to the product while securing it on a blockchain.

Secondly I would like to address the team working on DeArt Gallery. It is a collection of many brilliant individuals, 3 of which I have had the pleasure of working with before. These young individuals are extremely dedicated to their craft and what they put their minds too. The behind the scenes support comes from enlightened minds full of wisdom on the world, art, economy, and the cryptosphere. It is incredible to finally see them take on a project of their own while pushing the boundaries of what is currently available to the Harmony ecosystem. I think Harmony is fortunate to have so many projects with devs like this, and even more fortune as it continues to attract more!

My name is Aaron B, Community Lead for Hermes Defi. I support this proposal!


This is honestly one of the most detailed and well thought out proposals I’ve seen thus far on the talk forums.


Thank you very much for the support and for that beautiful comment Aaron!


Great graphic and great idea!


I am very excited about this project . Every time I read the docs, I encounter a new and unusual innovation . I think Deart Gallery very necessary for the Harmony ecosystem .


Thank you ArmutBey! We know is a lot to read, so thanks for spending a bit of your time in us!


Hello there:

First of all, thank you for the proposal at Harmony.
Bulls are dressing Harmony’s logos! Can’t wait to see them moving. So the market :wink:
I really like the website, bull NFT’s… I think you are doing a great job.

I’ve read the Whitepaper and the only thing that intrigues me a bit is, how are you going to continue, after minting, upgrading and playing? Will you be playing the maze 4ever? Do you have the next steps?
Also as I see a very detail proposal. Can I ask Milestones with some estimate dates in quantity? (months or weeks) for every milestone?
Will love to have a Video together so we know each other.
I think it has a really good and new approach.

Thank you
:ox: :mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:


Hi Juan,

Thank you very much for the good vibes and compliments!

The Maze game is not gonna be available forever, as it is mentioned in the whitepaper and Medium article Mint O’Taurs - Labyrinth Game. With part of the revenue generated… | by Mint O'Taurs | Apr, 2022 | Medium , and it is exclusively for the Mint O’Taurs holders. We could say it is more like a mini game / extra feature for Mint O’Taurs investors.

As mentioned in our proposal, we are focusing more in game-like mechanics, than full gaming experience. We are targeting people who do not have the time to dive in a big and complicated game.

As for the next steps, The Mint O’Taurs is DeArt Gallery first collection. Owning one of them gives the user access to discounts, rewards and many more benefits for all our future collections. They are essentially an Entry Pass for everything that will come later. As for the collection itself, we want them to be dynamic, and unlock more stuff over time. Music, 3D printing file, Animation, different skins, etc.

Each of the upcoming collection will be accompany of features that will be connected to the Taurs in some way and will give them a new perk. That’s essentially the way we have designed DeArt.

Our collections will not be isolated collections, they will work as one and add value to each other, synchronizing features and adding lore to what we like to call DeArt Universe.

Here are our estimated dates for achieving our milestones:

1 - Will be achieved during the next week. Before our Launch Date June 1st. Could get delayed a few days since our main dev is also Hermes Dev and is currently busy with Hermes Launch (we have agreed this was top priority).
2 - We are looking forward to connect with Harmony Core Team and establish the Multisig Wallet as soon as you see fit.
3 - June 1st, or a few days later (same circumstances apply than number 1)
4 - We will have the AR app ready for late July - Early August.
5 - My album Dashboard will be launch alongside our 2nd collection on late August / early September.

As established on the proposal, If we get the Grant approved, we are gonna be expanding the team and the milestones could be achieve earlier of course.

Thank you! Of course. Let’s set a video call together. Looking forward to meet you.


I have been having meetings with Joaquin about DeArt / Mint O’ Taurs for more than a month now, and his effort and thoughtfulness continue to amaze me. He has gathered a likeminded group of artists and developers to bring a number of new features to the NFT space on Harmony that I am personally very excited for!

  1. Increased utility for NFTs through use in Augmented Reality applications (AR), playable music (I’ve seen some of the concept art), and a loyalty system.
  2. The ability to progress your NFT through training and a unique tier/rarity system that looks like nothing I’ve seen before.
  3. A leaderboard functionality that encourages people to play the labyrinth game for prizes. This has the benefit of assigning a history to individual Taurs (which have their own amazing personalities!) as sort of an honor / prestige system.
  4. A realistic funding usage and sustainability plan. Often we see NFT projects that do not have realistic expectations for funding they can expect to generate. Utilizing the ONE for ALL Movement as a way to support selected causes, their funding as a team, and a way to engage with their NFTs is really cool.

I could talk quite a bit more about some of the flow of development I’ve seen from this team, but it is impressive to say the least.

Did I mention that Joaquin was the original creator of the Hermes Heroes? I’ve been wearing this profile picture like a badge of honor since I came to Harmony in December. He has been dreaming of putting his NFT dreams into action for a very long time. And I’m excited to see where this goes no matter what!


Thanks Austin! As always you are nothing but supportive to my work. I love the badge and the fact that many members in the Hermes Community wear it’s extremely flattering to me. I can’t wait to see the Mint O’Taurs or any other of our upcoming collections wear the same way.

As you said, I dream of DeArt growing big enough to draw NFT enthusiasts and collectors from Ethereum and Solana to Harmony. I believe our collections can compete with the quality found in those 2 spaces and DeArt itself could become a brand of prestige that helps to drive Harmony’s NFT Space to the next level.


Really like the idea of pushing for PFP with utilities and excited to the AR part of the project! Looking forward to the project!! :grinning: