Decentralized checkers


“If you build it, they will come” – a quote from the movie field of dreams.

I created a checkers game that pits two random players against each other. It is a turn based game. Both players will have their ONE tokens locked before a game can begin. Once the game has begun there is no turning back, one of them will win while the other one will lose. Hopefully, it will be a fair loss.

Please read the rules on the site to read more details about the cryptocheckers game.

I am looking for harmony people to test it out. The game is in alpha stage right now even though the smart contract is released on the mainnet. I created this game as a part time venture and a learning experience. I have no resources to hire a large subset of testers.

The first thing I want to ensure is that the game is working properly when many users are simultaneously trying the game. Please try the checker’s game using the built in fake wallet first. The simulated wallet does not use the smart contract or real tokens. So, there is no risk of losing any ONEs when you use the simulator.

Once you are confident and understand how the game works, you can try using real harmony ONE coins by installing metamask. Please note that when you install metamask, you have to play on a laptop or a desktop. You have to play on the laptop or desktop because the metamask chrome extension does not work on a phone. The mobile version of the cryptocheckers site will not let you use metamask, however you can still use the simulator on a phone.

My website is

Thank you.

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Hello manis4364,

We have a large community in Turkey. We are developing 2 games, 2 governance systems and 2 engineering solutions and our community is testing them continuously. You may refer to our community in this link:

Please understand that our community is real and very valuable to us since we are building a comprehensive crypto project with them. So, we can not advice our community to test your game without knowing every single detail about you and your product ( we should be %100 sure if this is not a hack attempt and it takes time to understand it )

We would like to know more about you and discuss for a possible collaboration.

If you are interested, please share your social media links for us to reach you or please reach me from one of the links below.

Best Regards.

Thanks for reaching out.

I understand trust in the crypto world is very important. After reading the rules of the game on my site, please do not hesitate to contact me for further questions and I fill in more details.


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