Running for DEV DAO: Candidate Hashmesan

Hello everyONE,

I’m Hashmesan, lead developer for SmartVault/Harmony Wallet and I am announcing my candidacy for DAO governor.

I met Harmony team way back in 2018, when they raised their funds. I had reached out because I was interested in BFT consensus algorithm used for low latency Defi. I continued to join a lot of their events/BBQ and made some friends. I ended up doing my Defi project for past 3 years with my team. Needless to say Defi is the most exciting thing going on right now, and I’m excited to be considered for the DAO role to further the mandates on development, along with the Harmony’s developer tools to support it.

Harmony’s TGI, May 2018

Being able to develop a large smart contract project myself on Harmony gives me a perspective as a developer, in order to help other developers. I also bring the particular skillets from 22 years career (as lead developer, manager, director) of supporting developers needs, motivating other developers to work for the company & projects, and allocating/raising capital (aka bounties).

As you noticed, I can’t share my linked in or additional github (other than SmartVault) because I’m also lead developer for the wallet and that kind of project attracts a lot of unwanted attentions from hackers, and scammers. I’m happy to answer questions if you have them here.

Thank you for for your consideration to be your DAO governor. Remember to vote :slight_smile:



If you elect me, I will make it a priority to

  • Work on initiatives to improve the developer experience
  • Get bugs/issues resolved timely.
  • Recruit talents to the team
  • Propose/vote bounties to make the best development experience.
  • Think forward on new approaches