[DevDAO Term 4] Candidate - EOyebamiji

Hello Frens,

I’m EOyebamiji and I would like to announce my candidacy for DEV DAO Q4 Governor.

I’m an Innovative thinker, Network Support Engineer and Cybersecurity Enthusiast with a keen interest in Automation and IoT. A Cloud practitioner who works to scale and provide HV of applications and networks based on demand, minimizing cost and providing top-notch tech service. I work and partner with clients on developing their ideas and bringing them to reality through strategic planning. I Possess cross-functional leadership skills with an outstanding ability to inspire innovation and rally teams around goal achievement. Excellent organisational skills, including working productively and collaboratively and making decisions with minimum supervision. I’m one who enjoys my company and personal space with a keen interest in good music.

Career Headlines:

  • Cybersecurity Enthusiast/Researcher - 5 Years
  • Technical/Network Engineer - 3 Years

My LinkedIn

Familiarity with Harmony and its development ecosystem.

I’ve followed Harmony and its development ecosystem for quite some time now closely and would like to advocate more in the developer ecosystem irrespective of the various shortcomings currently encountered. I have been an observing member of the harmony community for a couple of months now and would love to be able to start making contributions toward building the DevDAO and meeting set deliverables.

My Contribution to the Ecosystem will be:

  • To provide aid/support to other developers in the harmonious ecosystem by contributing to the innovative buildup of new features and products within the community.

  • To help in creating realistic pathways to effectively deploy new solutions and designs for the DAO and community at large.

  • Actively contribute to documentation and open-source materials on the harmony blockchain.
    To build a system that fixes the issue of limited resources about the harmony blockchain for newbie developers in the ecosystem or those just looking to contribute.

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Hey @EOyebamiji ,

with all the stuff going down, we were quite distracted, but we
have 9 candidates now. And would conduct an approval vote when
you are still around and up for it.

Please just answer here or reach out on the discord.
Feel free to join the discord meeting on Monday 9am PST.


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Hi @Severin

Looking forward to it.

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