[DevDAO Term 4] Candidate - Sev

Ahoy fellow Harmonauts,

I’ll be running for DevDAO governor for the 4th term.
I was governor for the previous threeterms and you can learn more about me in my introduction post:

Introduction & Background


I really enjoy the Harmony community and would like to continue to engage developers in learning about web3. Creating learning material and polishing the structure of the DevDAO.

Previous Terms

Term 1: Running for DEV DAO: Sev
Term 2: [Term 2 - Governor Candidate] Sev
Term3: [DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Sev

What I did in the last term

Our main focus in the last term was primary to reach and onboard new people in the DAO. We occasionally had a good number of people engaging in the Twitter Spaces, but we are not reaching a lot of Developers there.

I promoted the DevDAO Discord as much as I could, to get more people into the channel. We could increase the member count to 275. Activity increased slightly with a small group of people being regulary active.

I push the DAO token forward and created most of the repositories you can find on the DevDAO GitHub

What I want to improve

My goals are still the same: to help fellow devs to understand and learn web3 and to get active in the DAO:

  • Extending the DAO beyond Governors: Use the Aragon Client and move to a separate DAO token that incentivizes participation (e.g. tipping feature in discord)
  • Create learning material & Incentivize the creation of learning material with the DAO token.