Running for DEV DAO: Sev

Hi fellow Harmonauts,

How am I
I’m Sev and currently I’m part of the Dev Captains’ Program from Harmony.
You can read all of my background in my Developer Introduction:

What happend since I joined
I started working on gitcoin bounties, but could not ‘win’ any as I am still new to web3 development.
Then harmony established the weekly developer calls, of which I am a part of since the beginning. And became a dev captain. Since then I’m active in different social media channels, answering questions of developers and engaging in discussions on the forum.

What have I done so far?

What I would like to do?
I want to help devs that are interested in blockchain, to start developing using Harmony. I think harmony is with it’s low fees, fast transaction time and overall good user experience a good place to start a web3 developer journey.

How do I want to tackle the Dev DAO mandates:

  • Support:
    • I’m already actively helping devs, mainly on Telegram, Forum and sometimes Reddit
    • Take part in weekly meetings and promote the agenda
  • Bounties:
    • mainly active in the discussion of improving Harmony Ecosystem on the forum.
  • Advocacy:
    • I would like to continue the ‘Captain’s Log’ format, like the Explorer v2 video.

I would be happy and excited to join the DevDAO and grow the harmony developer community! If you have any questions feel free
to ask!



Also checkout our entry for the hackathon from @William and me:
(Play around on testnet)

Super detailed video walkthrough :smiley:


This looks amazing @Severin !!!

I can’t wait to help people use this site!!!

Any ideas the monetization model for your team? Are you planning to take a fee? This could be huge!!! :crossed_fingers::mechanical_arm::pray:

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