[DevDAO Term 3] Candidate - Sev

Ahoy fellow Harmonauts,

I’ll be running for DevDAO governor for the 3rd term.
I was governor for the previous two terms and you can learn more about me in my introduction post:

Introduction & Background


I really enjoy the Harmony community and would like to continue to engage developers in learning about web3. Creating learning material and polishing the structure of the DevDAO.

Previous Terms

Term 1: Running for DEV DAO: Sev
Term 2: [Term 2 - Governor Candidate] Sev

What I did in the last term

Our main focus in the last term was developer outreach and bringing some kind of consistency to the Developer DAO while still providing support over all channels.

@eddnorris and @schwab16 did a great job on having weekly Twitter spaces where we reached a lot of community members.

We did also explore approaches of using our own DAO token, to represent participation in the DAO and have a ‘share’ in the DAO. A current problem is, that the Governors are the only ones that see themselves as DevDAO members, but all people that are actively participating are in fact part of the DevDAO.

I introduced the first draft of a Discord TipBot based on an existing tipbot by @RhythmValidator.
That I modified to tip an HRC-20 token.

The most I did was organizational work. Managing the discord and telegram channel. Doing payouts. And nagging constantly :rofl:.

What I want to improve

The main focus is still helping fellow developers over all channels. With our Discord server getting more traction more community members engage and help in that endeavor. So it becomes more important to incentivize their participation. So what is my focus fore the next term:

  • Better communication/organization of the governors (on-going-effort)
  • Extending the DAO beyond Governors: Use the Aragon Client and move to a separate DAO token that incentivizes participation (e.g. tipping feature in discord)
  • Create learning material & Incentivize the creation of learning material with the DAO token.

The HD_DAO is lucky to have you @Severin !

Thank you for running again and I fully support your candidacy.

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