Developer DAO Candidate: Michael Otis

Hello, my name is Michael Otis.

I’ve been part of the Harmony community since almost the very beginning and was one of the first developers to deploy a dapp on the Harmony network, I also run a validator. I’ve created and, however I’ve created dozens of other dapps. I have worked for Harmony as a technical liaison for the grant program for several months back in 2020. I’ve been a full-stack developer for the last 10 years, a solidity/web3 dev for the last 3, however I work for a Fortune 500 company handling DevOps automation, identity management, among many other things for over 40,000 users. I also work as a Junior Engineer for a crypto startup that handles automated crypto bot trading and crypto indexes called Stacked Invest.

You’ll typically find me in all the developer and validator channels, helping out however I can. I’m very familiar with all things Harmony from development, code, validators, etc.