Running for DEV DAO: Candidate Aaron Krueger

Hello, Harmonauts!

My name is Aaron Krueger; I am a Senior Software Engineer & a Developer Captain for Harmony. You can find my dev captain introduction here. TLDR: I like to build software, stay active & fit, cook & BBQ, and help contribute to the greater good when able for Harmony.

What happened since I joined
A few contributions I’ve made are leading a few developer captain meetings, submitted git bounty info/materials, evangelize ONE to other people + setting them up to use the network, educational sessions with work colleagues and the public in Chicago, and participate in forums discussion whether that’s Facebook, Reddit,, or Twitter. I’ve also taken on some initiatives to help manage the developer resources by helping build out the template/guinea pig workflow as I learn Web3 + Solidity development.

What have I done so far?

  1. Help contribute leadership skills and examples for meetings and broad communication about/for Harmony.
  2. Continue to ramp up to building DApps on harmony, using web3, watching video learning resources, and other media to help guide newcomers.
  3. Reached out to many people in various ways to get them started using ONE and educate them on the benefits and core principles ONE has to offer.

What I would like to do?
The main things I’d like to do as a governor are to facilitate:

  1. Teaching others the pathway of learning how to grow the network and build onto it.
  2. Help get people into the ecosystem in multiple facets.
  3. Contribute my own work towards tools or the network itself.

How do I want to tackle the Dev DAO mandates:

  • Support:
    • I want to firmly plant myself as a pillar of knowledge and resources to help the community learning about ONE and the benefits whether it is developer talk or regular conversations with others.
    • I believe I have the best capacity to help by improving my outreach to educate others in the pathway of developing, trading, etc. on the harmony network. So I’d like to facilitate more learning resources and avenues to evangelize the network’s principles.
  • Bounties:
    • I have submitted grammatical correction resources for the documentation after going through bit by bit.
    • I’d like to do more code work once I feel confident I can effectively contribute to the code base and without much error. Once I have a better grasp than I do now, I can create, work, guide, and complete bounties to hasten the network infrastructure development.
  • Advocacy:
    • Some of the biggest contribution points as DevDAO governor I would like to make are:
    1. Setting up developers and people with wallets
    2. Information on how-to-use & what-to-do
    3. Effectively explain in laymen’s terms the benefit harmony provides to many different information channels.
    4. And provide helpful oversite to active development to the network.

I think this is an exciting opportunity to put Harmony at the forefront and would love to do my best for the community at large. I think the more evangelical we can be about the absolute amazing technology Harmony ONE is, the sooner we will reach widespread adoption.

Thank you!
Aaron Krueger


Here is a testimonial I requested from one of my colleagues I hooked up with a wallet.

I don’t have a lot of experience with cryptocurrency, but I was surprised by the simplicity of the process after being walked through the set up of a wallet. The simplicity and convenience of setting up a wallet have helped spark an interest in cryptocurrency and I’m looking forward to delving deeper into using it! - Aaron Kennedy LinkedIn