Developer DAO Twitter Account Quality Control

Question: How does the community give criticism for twitter spaces hosted by someone representing Dev DAO?

Problem: I had a pretty hostile experience with a user representing the Dev DAO on twitter spaces. How does one flag this situation? Yes, twitter does allow for flagging on their system during a space, but how does one flag for harmony users? How does the DAO ensure high quality users to run spaces and flag bullies? To onboard users public figures need to be open, friendly and engaging.

I joined a Dev DAO twitter space after waking up after thinking it could be fun to check it out and maybe ask some questions. After mentioning an idea for a twitter scraper to collect community input for the Community DAO, he asked if I was high and that it was the dumbest idea. He then proceeded to verbally attack me directly and through association with the community DAO. I didn’t join the space to battle, I wanted to learn more about how the developer DAO works especially through these challenging times and ask about some ideas. I posted my issue with the altercation on another less public thread on DevDAO discord, but the thread got deleted. I then posted again in general chat and I was banned from dev DAO. This is the sort of centralized abuse of power that people hate and should be mitigated if we want to grow the ecosystem.

In order to move forward as a community, even with the best case scenario, we have to onboard users. I don’t think having someone come up and belitting them is something Harmony wants to represent. In the community guidelines it states:
“When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages the bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it . If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.”
This is my attempt to flag the situation. Please do not flag this post too as spam. This is important. How people are treated is important. If the talk forum is not okay to give criticism or flag bad behaviour then where can I go?

If Harmony is to scale there needs to be a clear method for the community to submit negative feedback for twitter spaces hosted by mods.


NOT a dumb idea and has already been done once. The results that person got ( sick_of_this ) were posted on the talk forums at A Harmony Community Sentiment Report- May'22 - #47 by Sbae


Why has this been “flagged by the community”? Why would anyone go out of their way trying to hide this so hard? This is more of a concern now tbh. Is being extremely rude to someome who wants to learn more about DevDAO a normal occurence? To my personal knowledge, this kind of hostility isn’t happening for the first time.

Is that possible for someone to have a look at reinstating the post @lij @stse @Jacksteroo, since staying respectful is a crucial topic to address within the community, particularly in these uneasy times? Thank you.


Unfortunately, because the dev dao is a publicly elected position, where not enough people want to volunteer for the role… unless more people show up to run against him, or he decides to step down… there’s not currently a structure to bar someone from running or removing someone from their role.

The ability to remove someone from this role could be possible but it would require people to show up to vote; which has not been the case.

@Jacksteroo can you fix this post from being flagged?


How can we create a network where we can make a group with like minded level headed individuals to combat this behavior. So much wrong with the space. It’s like people only care about themselves.


Legitimate question. It’s been flagged twice, and I’ve restored it… twice.