Dingos: A Community Focused RP Game

Name of Project


Proposal overview

Dingos is heavily inspired by GTA V’s role-playing servers, the mix of pure fun and interactions with the community is exactly what we are trying to achieve as a game on the Harmony Blockchain. To mirror Harmony’s low barrier of entry and their extremely accessible on-chain fees, Dingos will be completely free to play, with additional benefits for holders of a Dingo NFT.

The Dingos game is split into two parts: the Prologue and the Main Game.

The prologue acts as both an introduction to the Dingos world and a tutorial area for first-time players. Here, players go through a visual-novelesque quest line where they start to familiarise themselves with the controls of the game and the general progression of quests.

By completing quests, the players will either gain or lose Karma points depending on the actions they choose to proceed with. These Karma points will then dictate whether your Dingo will be part of the Cycle or the Outsiders.

The prologue is finished, has been tested by beta users, and is now ready to be shipped onto the test net for a larger audience. In the test net phase, we will track Dingos that have been released, the time taken for their release, and the Karma points attributed to that Dingo. Currently, without the main game, the only way to access the prologue is by owning a Dingo, however, this will change in the future.

Main Game:
The main game is where the community aspects of the game shine. It will be an open world where Dingos are free to roam around and interact with one another.

Just like GTA V and its many minigames, Dingos will also have a plethora of games to play within it alongside the core storyline. For example, there will be a casino for you to stroke your luck, a sky diving minigame for you to test your skills, and many more.

The main storyline, however, is tied to both the Cycle and the Outsiders.

The Cycle:
The Cycle consists of people who scored a positive Karma score in the prologue. Their goal within the main storyline is to progress the city into a more favorable condition. Thus building upon the aesthetics and function of the town.

The Outsiders:
The Outsiders consists of people who scored a negative Karma score in the prologue. Their goal within the main storyline is to prevent progress from the people in the Cycle. Thus breaking the foundations of the town and bringing more chaos into the mix.

The main game is currently still in its infancy, however, the foundations have been put in place. We currently have a small area to roam in that currently only facilitates single-player. We plan to release an alpha by the end of April 2022 to get feedback from the community.

Proposal ask


$10K after launching the feature-complete prologue on the test net.
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs (this will come after the main game soft release in which we will have our tokens).
$10K after launching on the mainnet with audit.
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion).
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process).

The Harmony Grant will be a great addition to the development fund, as it alleviates some of the stressors and allows for a heavier push for more developers and marketing.

Metrics for success

  • Mint out the initial NFT collection (currently halfway).
  • At least 100 entries on our test net prologue launch.
  • Strong and active community.
  • Minimum of 5K discord members before the end of Q2 2022.
  • Active player base of at least 1000 members in the test net main game launch.
  • Pulling in users from other chains/outside of cryptocurrency (shows outreach).

External links

Website: https://dingos.one/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DingosHarmony
Stake your Dingos: Kuro Shiba (KURO)
Secondary market + rarity: Dingos - NFTKEY
Mediums: https://medium.com/@Prozex
GitBook: Dingos - Dingos
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/DingosHarmony


If you read through this far, I sincerely thank you for your patience and interest! You can find out more in-depth details in our GitBook. We have an active group of members on our Discord with who we play games, and do events on our Discord if you are interested in joining the fun!


hook me up, let’s play on testnet


Definitely excited for Dingos!


Really looking forward to what the future holds for Dingos. This project’s community has become my home in crypto space, best crypto community, and family. I am also invested on the project and is really looking forward to its success. :heart:


Can’t wait enough to drive my lambo with a dingo or even better steal a lambo with a dingo


Been following this project since January, when the community pulled me in (and readily embraced me, for which I am thankful). It’s become my go-to place to hang out, and I’m holding an ever-growing amount of Dingos that I’m dutifully staking. I appreciate the slow, but certain pace at which the project is developing without unnecessary hype or pump-and-dump tactics.

If I wasn’t already invested and convinced of the project’s strength, things that happened last week would surely have gotten me off the fence. One of the community’s most loyal members suffered a personal tragedy, and the Dingos community rallied to help them out. If that’s what the community is like now, I can only imagine how strong it will be as we progress through the different stages of alpha, beta, and game release. There’s a really solid foundation, and now they’re ready to build.

Happy to be there every step of the way both now and the foreseeable future.


Unique art, great collaborative team that keeps making connections across Harmony GameFi, and I love that you’re creating a free 2 play platform that can be a welcoming platform for new gamers, devs and investors coming to Harmony. Excited to see this 3D meta world coming together!


Can’t wait to test it out! Been waiting for this! Great work and let’s get the Dingos minted out :sunglasses:


If there is a project im looking forward to start is Dingos. My server my nr 1, best people in community!


Amazing involvement in development mixed with passion about what they are doing, care about their project and their community, and great and very positive interaction with other projects and inhabitants of Harmony. Dingos is a great representation of what a project should be, I hope the grant to be given and I am very positive about the success of Dingos


Great job Dingos! We’re so happy for you :slight_smile:

Approve this grant!


All I got to say is spend some time in the discord and you wont be able to not mint a dingo.

Such a solid project and idea and an unreal community to back that up, easily one of the top games I am most exited to play.


Great proposal, will love to check the project.


The project is well underway, the community is strong, and the functionality improves week to week. The team is engaged and doing a great job embracing the entire Harmony community.

An additional cool component of what they are doing is addressing mental health in group chats on Discord and Twitter - this has a real world impact!

Looking forward to continued success - this grant will help!


This is a great project I am proudly a part of! As a Game Designer also working on DeFiMons, I met with Dingos, Prozex and the art through a partnership and I was pooled in and got to chance to work on the game with them.

So far, this is a project I am very passionate about. Team is always working hard, always on new ideas.

I think this grant proposal is awesome in a way that it capsulates the spirit we were trying to give. I am very excited to hear the result of the proposal. Love building on Harmony with this team.


I look forward to this game :partying_face:


I just wanted to echo the sentiment of the statements above. They were the first discord server I joined, and the people I’ve conversed with are some of the most easygoing, knowledgeable, and funny people I’ve ever conversed with. I’ll pop in daily just to read what they’ve been up to.

The project has developed quietly, and I think when people see what they’ve been working on, a lot will wish they jumped on this sooner. The NFTs are something I personally identify with, as it has been my twitter and discord pfp since I minted my dingo.

Im very glad to see some of the projects that really make an effort to collaborate with other Harmony projects get a little assistance. I know it will pay back dividends in the future. Congratulations to @Prozex and the team. They’re more than deserving.


The sneak peak and game design looks on point! The project has been building ever so quietly and smoothly. Elegant website, staking of NFTs, extensive documentation and vision statement. Love this project! Deserves a grant and more than that, hope HarmonyOne team and community wholeheartedly throws its support behind Dingoes.
All the best @Prozex


What makes this project really bullish is that it is free-to-play but at the same time offer play-to-earn mechanics. It has the potential to hook a vast majority of audiences both inside and outside Harmony. Can’t wait for this to be pushed on testnet.


Best looking 3D model I’ve ever seen. The details :fire: Count me in!